Efficient Networks Introduces Gateways Combining DSL Access with 802.11g Wireless and Powerline Networking

Gateways Include New ControlNet™ Embedded Software Enabling Carriers To Differentiate Services And Extend Their Brand At The Customer Premises Level

7 Jul 2003

DALLAS - July 7, 2003 - Efficient Networks, Inc., a subsidiary of Siemens AG, today announced the availability of the SpeedStream® DSL Gateway Family. The family includes a gateway combining a DSL modem with 802.11g wireless networking technology in a single box and a gateway combining DSL access with 802.11g wireless and powerline networking technologies. All of the gateways in the family ship with Efficient Networks' new ControlNet™ embedded software, giving service providers a platform at the customer premises for offering advanced services, extending their brands and differentiating their service offerings in ways previously not available.

“As the leader in this space, the market looks to us for the next generation of DSL performance and functionality,” said Tom Willie, vice president and general manager at Efficient Networks. “The demand for merging wireless and powerline with DSL has been tremendous. Subscribers aren't just looking for higher-speed Internet access. They want a true broadband experience, complete with rich, compelling content and valuable service offerings. Our service provider customers all want to differentiate themselves by answering these subscriber demands. SpeedStream DSL Services Gateways with ControlNet are the platforms needed to make it all happen.”

ControlNet embedded software enhances service provider broadband offerings in three fundamental ways. First, as a services platform, SpeedStream DSL Gateways extend the rich, compelling content of a service provider's portal directly to the customer premises by embedding service provider offerings within the advanced routing code of ControlNet. Second, ControlNet features, such as Web site monitoring, parent-controlled content filtering and time-of-day Internet access controls, enable the service provider to offer the differentiated value of security and peace of mind to subscribers. Third, the feature set of ControlNet embedded software can be branded and customized to complement service providers' deployment goals and objectives.

Along with the newest wired and wireless home networking technologies, each gateway includes an integrated LAN/WAN port enabling service providers to deliver enhanced services to new or existing DSL customers. With the SpeedStream DSL Gateways, service providers can deliver DSL access and enhanced home networking services to new customers with a single box solution. Service providers can also provide enhanced services to existing DSL customers by plugging the router in behind a broadband modem, allowing subscribers to take advantage of the networking features and enhanced services of ControlNet.

Products in the SpeedStream DSL Gateway family include the SpeedStream 6400 Powerline/Wireless DSL Gateway, the SpeedStream 6300 Wireless DSL Gateway, and SpeedStream 6200 Wireless-Ready DSL Gateway. The SpeedStream 6400 Powerline/Wireless DSL Gateway combines three popular networking technologies - powerline, Ethernet and 802.11g/802.11b WiFi - for maximum networking flexibility. The SpeedStream 6300 Wireless DSL Gateway provides seamless wireless networking with other 802.11g or 802.11b networks as well as standard Ethernet networking. The SpeedStream 6200 Wireless-Ready DSL Gateway includes a built-in five-port 10/100 Ethernet switch for fast broadband networking and expands to provide 802.11g networking through the addition of a PCMCIA radio card.

The SpeedStream 6200 and 6300 DSL Gateways are currently shipping. For more information visit www.efficient.com

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