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Yitran To Feature Homeplug Command And Control (HPCC) At Distributech© 2008

14 Jan 2008

Beer-Sheva, ISRAEL - January 2008 - Yitran Communications, Ltd., a leading provider of PLC (Power Line Communication) technology, will exhibit at Distributech© in Tampa on January 22-24, 2008.

Ariane Controls introduces new improved AC-MIO Powerline Transceiver

2 Aug 2006

Quebec City - August 2, 2006 - Ariane Controls announces a new family of transceiver products today. The new AC-MIO Powerline Transceivers, available in an array of configurations, keeps the company in the top ranks of the powerline communications industry.

HomePlug Powerline Alliance Sets Baseline Technology for Command and Control Specification

6 Mar 2006

Specification will unite the industry with a common method for controlling lights, appliances, and implementing new kinds of broad digital services

San Ramon, Calif. - March 6, 2006 - Continuing to unite industries behind a common set of powerline communications standards, the HomePlug Powerline Alliance announced today that the baseline technology for its HomePlug Command and Control specification was awarded to Yitran Communications, Ltd of Beer-Sheva, Israel.

Domosys Joins HomePlug Powerline Alliance

21 Dec 2005

Domosys will participate in the development of the HomePlug Command & Control specification

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, Dec. 12 - Domosys Corporation, a leading provider of control networking technology, announced today that it has joined the ranks of HomePlug® Powerline Alliance, Inc., as a Participant Member. This organization creates international specifications for powerline networking products and services and has initiated the definition of a command and control technology known as HPCC (HomePlug Command & Control).

Ariane Controls joins the Homeplug® Powerline Alliance

6 Dec 2005

Quebec City - Ariane Controls announced today that it is joining the ranks of the Homeplug® Powerline Alliance, an important industry-led initiative comprised of market leaders. The Alliance is currently preparing for the development of a specification for an advanced command and control technology, known as HPCC (HomePlug Command & Control). This low-speed, very low-cost specification is intended to complement the alliance's higher-speed powerline communications technologies.

Hitachi Offers Connected Air Conditioners with Yitran's IT800 Power Line Communication Chip

26 Sep 2005

BEER-SHEVA, Israel & OSAKA, Japan - Hitachi Air Conditioning Systems Ltd., a leading supplier of air conditioning solutions, has launched a series of new PLC (Power Line Communication) enabled A/C products. These products, now available in the Japanese market, are based on Yitran's IT800 high-performance narrowband PLC chip, enabling monitoring and control of air conditioners over the existing electrical wires.

Yitran's IT800 Power Line Communication Chip Adopted as Japanese Home Automation Standard Baseline Technology

5 Sep 2005

Beer-Sheva ISRAEL - September 2005 - Yitran Communications, a leading supplier of Power Line Communication (PLC) integrated circuits and systems, has announced that its IT800 high-performance narrowband PLC modem chip was selected as baseline technology for the home automation and control standard issued by the Japanese ECHONET consortium. Yitran's IT800 chip is now officially added to the ECHONET protocol specification, enabling implementation of the standard using the existing electrical wires in the home and eliminating the need for dedicated communication infrastructure.

Simply Automated Announces Two New Easy-to-Install Universal Phase Couplers for Powerline Communications

23 Feb 2005

San Diego, CA - February 23, 2005 - Simply Automated, Incorporated is proud to announce two new Universal Phase Couplers that, when installed in conjunction with Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) home automation products, make a highly reliable system even better.

OSGi Networks Ready To Roll

25 Feb 2002

San Ramon, Calif. - Home appliances will likely be the first networked consumer products in the United States to take advantage of an Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi) gateway, followed by consumer electronics devices, said OSGi president John Barr.

Enikia Teams with ITP of Norway to Create First Powerline High-Speed Networking and Smarthouse Bundled Solution

19 Mar 2001

Warren, NJ - March 19, 2001 - Enikia™ today announced its partnership with IT & Process AS (ITP), a developer and OEM of utility service and smarthouse technology products, in order to effectively create a bundled solution whereby high-speed home networking technology and next-generation energy control and appliance automation technology will seamlessly co-exist. The bundled offering provides both utilities and consumers a fully integrated platform that will support the delivery of a multitude of futuristic energy, automation, and high-speed networking enabled services.

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