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2003 Update on the Powerline Industry


‘2003 Update on the Powerline Industry’ is the second Powerline overview to be authored by Dr. Peter Krawarik, Systems Physics Consultants. This product provides a fast track resource to vital information to the continuing developments in the Powerline arena, from a uniquely independent and global perspective.

Dr. Krawarik, formerly of Ericsson Austria AG, has over 34 years management experience in large and small companies. Today he is a consultant specializing in Telecommunications and Business Development. A former Director of IPCF he has kept up with the field of Powerline Communications. Peter is an expert in strategy development. During his time at Ericsson he initiated extensive Powerline Communications programs in the company and is fully conversant with the difficult commercial and strategic issues facing the developing Powerline Communications industry.

Those who have been involved in the Powerline Communications Industry will know by now that it is a complex industry, particularly from a technical, regulatory, legal, commercial and strategic perspective. Entrants into this marketplace include the investor, manufacturer, power distributor or service provider, all of whom are presented with significant hurdles, brought about by the dynamic nature of this growing arena. Standards and regulatory issues continue to be a major concern to all involved in the industry.

With no allegiance to a specific PLC technology or solution, Peter is able to provide refreshing clarity on this complex arena. He is well connected within this small but diverse industry. Having been involved with Powerline since its inception, Peter is able to provide an invaluable, in-depth insight into the developing Powerline industry. Such insight and independence allows Peter to provide technical and business development consultancy of real value to the diverse players in the Powerline arena. Peter can be contacted through MillenniaVision or directly:


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