Powerline Update

2003 Update on the Powerline Industry

2003 Update on the Powerline Industry

  1. Foreword
  2. Industry Overview
  3. Technological Developments
  4. Regulatory Developments
  5. Market Developments
  6. 2003 and Beyond
  7. PLC Technology Developers

2002 Update on the Powerline Industry

  1. Foreword
  2. Industry Overview
  3. Technological Developments
  4. Regulatory Developments
  5. Market Developments
  6. 2002 and Beyond
  7. PLC Technology Developers

International Powerline Communications Forum Editor's Note

Company names and website addresses are current, the descriptive text remains as per the original publication.

PLC Technology Developers

The following section provides an overview and introduction to key PLC Technology Developers, worldwide, with links to their websites.

“Adaptive has a wide variety of chipset-based implementations to suit different applications and integration efforts. Adaptive provide products with different speeds and capabilities as well as a variety of form factors to satisfy any integration requirements. All of these products are based on the same foundation of field-proven, robust powerline technology and specifically designed with ease of integration in mind.”
Alcatel - www.alcatel.com
“As a world leader in the high speed access and optical transport market, Alcatel is a major player in the area of telecommunications and the Internet.”
“Ambient's proprietary and patent pending technologies place it in the leading position to capitalize on this emerging new industry. This is achieved through Ambient's proprietary PLC coupler and telecommunications technology, which establishes a “last mile” solution to every premise and building.”
“Amperion, Inc. is the premier medium-voltage powerline networking equipment company. Amperion develops networking hardware and software that enables the delivery of high-speed broadband data over medium-voltage powerlines.”
Ascom - www.ascom.com
“Worldwide more than 60 customers — energy supply companies, systems integrators and telecommunications providers use Ascom's Powerline technology.”
“Asoka's USB Adapter allow you to utilize your existing home power outlets and turn your home into a high-speed home network — up to 14 Mbps. Just connect the computer to an Asoka USB Adapter using a USB cable, plug the other end of the USB Adapter into any power outlet; within minutes, your family members and you can enjoy sharing file and printers, play multiple-player games, and share your broadband access — all at the same time.”
Cisco Systems - www.cisco.com
“By joining Internet Home Alliance, Cisco will be able to build on the company's vision to provide consumers anywhere, anytime Internet access in the home. The Internet Home Alliance is the ecosystem enabler that will help to make the Internet lifestyle a reality. Cisco, along with other Alliance members, will benefit from the industry growth fuelled by this initiative.”
“Cogency's powerline integrated circuits are an inexpensive, scalable, robust, and high performance solution for creating products with home networking capabilities. The OFDM technology used by Cogency, addresses the challenges presented by using AC powerlines as a vehicle for data communications.”
“Conexant Systems, Inc is a worldwide leader in semiconductor solutions for communications applications. The Conexant CX11647 device is an integrated physical layer transceiver or PHY. It is designed to use existing AC electrical wiring within the home as a networking physical medium.”
“14 Mbps Power Line PC Network — the Corinex Intelligent PowerNet products introduce a new innovative solution for data communications. This unique technology offers users a wide range of networking options by using digital powerline technology enabling 14 Mbps data rate at distances of up to 200m for indoor solution.”
Current Technologies - www.curenttechnologies.com
“Current has developed its proprietary PLC solution, resolving transmission issues over both low voltage and medium voltage electric distribution lines. Current is one of the first companies to announce the deployment of a proprietary, safe, commercially viable transformer-bypass solution that can transform an electric distribution network into a broadband communications platform.”
Datasoft - www.datasoft.at
“DATASOFT is a renowned ISDN, Internet and powerline operation. DATASOFT system GmbH arranges its functions into four divisions: project management, software development, hardware development and consulting services.”
Domosys Corporation - www.domosys.com
“Domosys is a leading provider of power line technology to the residential, utility, and commercial markets. Domosys' PowerBus™ technology is a two-way, peer-to-peer communication protocol for control networks. It allows everyday devices to exchange information with each other over a shared medium.”
“DS2s mission is to be the leading supplier of chipsets and software to this emerging market. Our IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) for access and LAN (Local Area Network) solutions using the medium and low voltage electricity networks are sought after by router and telecom manufacturers, utilities and electrical equipment manufacturers. DS2s technology supports transmission speeds of up to 45 Mb/s, the fastest on the market.”
Easyplug - www.easyplug.com
“Easyplug offers to firms both finished products or communication modules. Home Network, Infrastructure control, Local Loop and Audio/Video broadband. Using Powerline, all these applications are available to your customers faster, safer and cheaper than any other media.”
Echelon - www.echelon.com
“Echelon's PLT-22 power line networking technology has been adopted as an open American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard as the ANSI/EIA 709.2-A-2000 Control Network Powerline (PL) Channel Specification. Designed to send information between everyday devices like appliances, electric meters, water heaters, security systems, and lighting systems through a home or building's AC power wiring, this technology employs advanced digital signal processing and error correction techniques to ensure reliable signaling.”
Eichhoff - www.eichhoff.de
“New… PLC-combiner for the CENELEC-band. Within the next years PLC technology for the exchange of information and data will be introduced in the fields of electrical household appliances, heating systems etc.. The frequency range between 90kHz to 150kHz (USA up to 500kHz) in the CENELEC-band will be preferably used for this type of data transfer. For the low loss in- and out-coupling of PLC signals at the mains entrance Eichhoff has developed a special PLC combiner.”
Elcon - www.elcon-system.de
“Serving both network users and providers, ELCON Systemtechnik GmbH designs, manufactures and supplies telecommunication equipment.”
Endesa - www.endesa.se
“Endesa is conducting tests with two different technologies (1.5 and 50 Mbytes/sec) for the transmission of voice and data through its electrical networks, which will enable the provision of services to domestic customers and small and medium enterprises, the installation of digital measuring systems, etc.”
“By providing the technology to run Ethernet-speed communications over the existing powerline network in a home, Enikia delivers a stunningly elegant solution for networking and home automation.”
Görlitz - www.goerlitz.ag
“The PLC transmission technology from GÖRLITZ AG operates in the supply area of a utility's low-voltage island in exactly the same way with a passive (unfeeded) cable system.”
HP - www.hp.com
“A powerline network uses existing AC power wiring in the walls to create a network that will connect your computers at speeds as high as 2 million bits per second. Because you've got a power outlet near every computer that you want to connect, all you need is an adapter for each machine.”
Ilevo - www.ilevo.com
“Ilevo believes in a world where people and devices are seamlessly connected to deliver the most powerful communications network ever seen. Ilevo's innovative solution enables utility companies to use any existing power lines to offer end-users fast, reliable, convenient and cost-effective high-speed data and voice communications. Ilevo has successfully finalized multiple field trials and is currently installing its first product line in different utility networks on an international basis.”
Inari - www.inari.com
“Inari offers a fully scalable and interoperable family of Powerline network controllers, is at the forefront of Powerline innovation, assuring developers rapid market entry and success with proven Powerline solutions.”
“Intellon Corporation, the world leader in powerline networking, announced in September 2002 the world's first HomePlug-certified powerline wall module access point reference design, the RD51X1-AP. Using Intellon's INT51X1 next generation HomePlug 1.0 integrated circuit, the reference design creates a bridge between 802.11b wireless and HomePlug powerline networks, allowing users to optimize WiFi coverage in a home or small business. The backbone powerline network permits users to position a single access point at the best location to optimize their WiFi range and coverage or to add additional WiFi access points as needed to improve coverage in weak areas.”
IntraCoastal - www.intracoastal.net
“IntraCoastal System Engineering Corporation is a world leader in Power Line Communications (PLC) and a provider of low cost PLC solutions. Using a proprietary method of transmitting data over existing power lines, IntraCoastal's patented technology enables the ubiquitous acceptance of PLC communications by overcoming inherent obstacles in power line.”
Joohong - www.joohong.co.kr
“JOOHONG Information & Communications Ltd. is a leading developer of technologies that enhance broadband systems and solutions over multiple network environments. Using the experience with the first-generation of high-speed data over cable products, JOOHONG is now designing and developing products based on Bluetooth, IMT, ATM NIC, and PLC.”
Lanergy - www.lanergy.com
“LANergy specialising in the research, development and marketing of advanced power line communications solutions and open standards based management software. Its Appian range of Powerline adapters allow you to get the convenience of a 10Mbits/s Ethernet, without the disruption of Cat 5 cabling. Its Cassian range of management software will make network and service management a breeze.”
Lína - www.lina.net
“In the fall of 2002 Lína.Net intends to offer an Internet connection through the electrical system. This is done by modifying the Power plant's power lines so they can be used for data transmitting.”
Linksys - www.linksys.com
“Linksys PowerLine Solutions offer new approach to ‘No New Wires™ Networking’. The three powerline products that Linksys will ship soon, provide the basic hardware needs to connect a desktop or laptop PC to a broadband connection as well as talk with other powerline and Ethernet devices.”
Liteon - www.ltnlcc.com.tw
“The LA9102 is a network adapter with USB interface to the PCs. It utilizes the physical media of powerline for data transmission. Ideal for convenient home networking, it is a no-new-wire solution. The LB0501 is a powerline to Ethernet Bridge for mixed Ethernet and powerline network environment. Built-in a 5-port 10/100Mbps Switch, your can connect your legacy Ethernet devices to the LB0501.”
Lugh Networks - www.lughnetworks.com
“Lugh Networks is an engineering and product development firm specializing in home powerline networking. Lugh Networks builds solutions that enable consumers to share audio, video, and data content through existing electrical outlets.”
“Main.net designs and manufactures a complete broadband communication solution to support telecom services over the power line grid of the power utility.”
Metricom Corporation - www.metricom-corp.com
“Metricom Corporation designs Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs). Metricom also provide customers with both Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and ASIC design services.”
“nSine's robust high-speed solutions are extremely low cost, making it economic to embed internet connectivity into mass-market appliances as well as to network home PCs. By delivering reliable high bandwidth performance at a cost usually associated with low data rate technologies, nSine allows the rapid adoption of a single powerline solution for all applications.”
NAMS - www.matimop.or.il
“NAMS is ranked as a technological leader in energy measurement, PLC applications, prepayment systems, and remote metering via a variety of interfaces.”
“In 2002 NETGEAR announces availability of Powerline networking products for the home based on the industry standard, Home Plug™. NETGEAR's Powerline home networking solutions allow families to share Internet access, such as broadband cable or DSL, using existing electrical outlets. Customers can now extend the Internet anywhere in the home by simply plugging into their 110V electrical outlets, eliminating the need for additional wiring. NETGEAR's Powerline products include the NETGEAR Powerline Ethernet Adapter (XE602) and the NETGEAR Powerline USB Adapter (XA601).”
Philips - www.philips.com
“2002 News — Intellon Partners with Philips in World's First Wi-Fi (802.11b) Wireless-to-HomePlug Powerline Gateway.”
“Phonex Broadband Corporation has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing technologies that transmit telephone, data, audio, and video reliably over electrical wiring for over 12 years. The unique set of technologies offered by Phonex Broadband are highly proprietary and offer the compelling solution of installing technology without adding new wires. Phonex chipsets are currently in over 7 million nodes throughout the world, making it the undisputed leader in sophisticated home networking solutions over the electrical wiring grid of buildings.”
Polytrax - www.polytrax.com
“Polytrax's PTX² iPower, from the PolyTrax ASOP series, enables PCs to be interlinked and connected to the Internet using the existing powerline in a building. In addition, with the development of PTX² mPower, PolyTrax is also offering the facility for transmitting music via the power socket. The PolyTrax ASOP products are particularly suitable for telecommunications companies, Internet Service Providers and Multimedia Content Providers as well as for power supply companies and electricity wholesalers.”
PowerNet - www. powernetsys.com
“PowerNet has advanced a unique approach for a standard networking system. The PC-Less Adapter provides interoperability of networking protocols and systems. The PC-Less Adapter i ntegrates network adapters with stand-alone communication modules, which facilitate video, voice and data sources over the power-line at data rates of up to 10Mbps.”
Powertec - www. powertec-ag.de
“With more than 750,000 used products in the field Home Automation, Facility Management and Security the powertec AG benefits from its 10-year-lasting experience in the powerline-technology. Among the communication via the electricity lines other core activities are the development and use of systems for a remote meter reading, for a lighting system steering, for a facility management and for a tunnel security.”
PowerWAN - www. powerwan.com
“PowerWAN's system enables utility providers to leverage existing infrastructure to address the current growing energy needs, while developing new business in Broadband delivery. Using PowerWAN's solution, every business and home gets fully connected across the existing networks.”
Redcom - www.redcom.com
“Redcom design, manufacture, and market products for private networks (international gateways, private exchanges, and power line carriers), public networks (central offices), wireless, call management, emergency/rapid response systems, programmable switching platforms, government systems, ISDN, and testing devices.”
RWE - www.rwe-powerline.de
“RWE Power Net offers - High Speed Internet via a Plug & Play enabled modem - Transmission rate of up to 2 Mbps - Up to 30 times faster than ISDN - Internet access through any socket in the home - “Always on” - without inconvenient dial-ups - No need for complicated wiring and additional installations -Surf the World Wide Web while you make telephone calls over the fixed-lines network - 24-hour support at the telephone hotline.”
Schlumberger - www.ask.slb.com
“The Multi-Energy Telemanagement System (ETS-ME) realizes the benefits of Power Line Carrier technology to allow multi-energy utilities and building administrators a flexible and cost-effective communication channel using the existing distribution network.”
SELTA - www.selta.com
“SELTA is not only a manufacturer of a complete line of PLC products (line traps, coupling devices, PLC terminals, teleprotection equipment), but it is also able to support the Customer in the design of a PLC system. In particular SELTA has developed a program to verify the characteristics of the HV lines in the PLC frequency range, with calculation of link attenuation, corona noise, optimum coupling, influence of HV line faults on signals attenuation, etc.”
Teamcom - www.teamcom.no
“Teamcom AS has more than 50 years of experience in the field of Power Network Communications (PNC). The company provides everything from a single equipment delivery to complete turnkey systems, and can also provide services in terms engineering, installation, commissioning, training and financing on a world-wide basis.”
Telkonet - www.telkonet.com
“Telkonet is a high technology systems application developer with a primary focus on high speed networking over electrical power lines for the commercial market. The Company has designed a third generation of products to address the market for office buildings, hotels, schools, shopping malls, and other commercial buildings.”
Xeline - www.xeline.com
“Xeline is now presenting full-fledged PLC product line from PLC chipset to integrated application product.”
Yitran (formerly ITRAN)
“ITRAN, a leading-edge semiconductor company, designs, develops and markets proprietary mixed-signal integrated circuits for Home Networking (HN) applications. ITRAN's initial product lines are high-speed and low-speed power line modem chips for communicating data, voice and video over existing electrical wiring infrastructure.”
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