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Until November 2004, Yitran traded as ITRAN Communications Ltd.

Founded in 1996, Yitran Communications (formerly ITRAN Communications) is a leading provider of cutting edge power line modem technology.

A fabless communications semiconductor company, Yitran Communications designs, develops, and markets proprietary digital and mixed-signal integrated circuits for home networking, power line communications, access, AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) applications, automation and control applications over existing electrical infrastructure.

Yitran offers a wide spectrum of broadband and narrowband solutions aimed at home networking, residential access and home automation markets. Yitran delivers advanced, extremely reliable, low-cost, high-speed home networking components for the implementation of broadband and narrowband control networks over power lines. Yitran also develops an advanced line of reliable long-distance components that enable transmission control, telemetry and low-speed data transmission.

Yitran is an active member in standards organizations like the CIC, CABA (Continental Automated Building Association), a participating contributor in the HPNA (Home Phone line Network Alliance) and member of IPCF, ETSI and Echonet. Through its association, Yitran lends its discerning viewpoint and technological leadership in a power line connected communications future.

Yitran's partners include Microsoft as a co developer of the Simple Control Protocol (SCP) supported by General Electric, Matsushita Electric Works, Mitsubishi Electric, and other industry leaders to ensure convergence between existing and future Home-Control Standards.

In September 2001, Kansai Electric Power Company (KEPCO), the world's eighth largest electric utility, Matsushita Electric Works and Yitran Communications announced the formation of LineCom, Inc., a joint venture company for the development of power line telecommunication systems in Japan. LineCom will leverage Kansai's knowledge of power distribution systems and technology and Yitran's industry leading PLC (power line communications) technology to develop and deploy a complete end-to-end solution for the provision of telecommunication services over the existing power line infrastructure. Matsushita, a leading wiring and information device/system provider in Japan, will provide the JV with its expertise in system integration and product design.

In October 2001, Yitran Communications completed a multi-million dollar Joint Venture (called PremiNet) and Investment Agreements with Kinden Corporation, Macnica Inc. and Alps Electric Co. for the provision of Yitran PLC based home networking solutions in Japan. All three companies are leading Tokyo Stock Exchange listed companies bringing special expertise to the JV, Kinden in systems integration and design, Macnica in high value added specialty semiconductor distribution, sales and support, and ALPS in product design, development and manufacture.

Yitran notes that its broadly patented, proprietary, modulation and data transfer techniques provide the most robust and reliable Power Line Communications.

Since 1996, ITRAN the company has gained international recognition as a fertile source and a leader for elegant solutions, technology, patents and expertise.

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Yitran To Feature Homeplug Command And Control (HPCC) At Distributech© 2008

14 Jan 2008

Beer-Sheva, ISRAEL - January 2008 - Yitran Communications, Ltd., a leading provider of PLC (Power Line Communication) technology, will exhibit at Distributech© in Tampa on January 22-24, 2008.

HomePlug Powerline Alliance Sets Baseline Technology for Command and Control Specification

6 Mar 2006

Specification will unite the industry with a common method for controlling lights, appliances, and implementing new kinds of broad digital services

San Ramon, Calif. - March 6, 2006 - Continuing to unite industries behind a common set of powerline communications standards, the HomePlug Powerline Alliance announced today that the baseline technology for its HomePlug Command and Control specification was awarded to Yitran Communications, Ltd of Beer-Sheva, Israel.

Yitran takes part in establishing a Power Line Communication AMR standard in China

30 Nov 2005

Beer-Sheva ISRAEL - November 30, 2005 - Yitran Communications Ltd., a leading supplier of PLC (Power Line Communication) technology, has accepted an invitation to join the new Chinese PLC AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) forum, established earlier this year. The forum is consisted of over 30 leading companies, including top meter manufacturers, system integrators and technology vendors. It intends to serve as an industry standardization body and was established as part of an effort to define a standard for the growing market of PLC based AMR in China.

Yitran Joins Homeplug® Powerline Alliance

30 Nov 2005

Beer-Sheva ISRAEL - November 30, 2005 - Yitran Communications Ltd., a leading supplier of PLC (Power Line Communication) technology, today announced that it has joined the HomePlug® Powerline Alliance, a global industry consortium that creates international specifications for powerline networking products and services.

Hitachi Offers Connected Air Conditioners with Yitran's IT800 Power Line Communication Chip

26 Sep 2005

BEER-SHEVA, Israel & OSAKA, Japan - Hitachi Air Conditioning Systems Ltd., a leading supplier of air conditioning solutions, has launched a series of new PLC (Power Line Communication) enabled A/C products. These products, now available in the Japanese market, are based on Yitran's IT800 high-performance narrowband PLC chip, enabling monitoring and control of air conditioners over the existing electrical wires.

Yitran's IT800 Power Line Communication Chip Adopted as Japanese Home Automation Standard Baseline Technology

5 Sep 2005

Beer-Sheva ISRAEL - September 2005 - Yitran Communications, a leading supplier of Power Line Communication (PLC) integrated circuits and systems, has announced that its IT800 high-performance narrowband PLC modem chip was selected as baseline technology for the home automation and control standard issued by the Japanese ECHONET consortium. Yitran's IT800 chip is now officially added to the ECHONET protocol specification, enabling implementation of the standard using the existing electrical wires in the home and eliminating the need for dedicated communication infrastructure.

Yitran completes successful worldwide pilot installations of its PITEL™ in-building BPL system

3 Aug 2005

Beer-Sheva, ISRAEL - August 2005 - Yitran Communications, Ltd., a leading provider of PLC (Power Line Communication) technology and systems, has announced a successful completion of a worldwide pilot installation series of its extremely robust and low-cost PITEL BPL (Broadband over Powerline) system for in-building Internet distribution over the existing electrical wiring.

PITEL™ system for in-building Internet distribution over powerline in International ICT 2005

6 Apr 2005

Beer-Sheva, ISRAEL - April 2005 - Yitran Communications, Ltd. (previously named ITRAN Communications Ltd), a leading provider of PLC (Power Line Communication) technology, will be exhibiting its extremely robust and low cost PITEL™ system, for in-building Internet distribution over powerline, during the international ICT 2005 (April 14-17, Hong-Kong) event.

Yitran will be exhibiting its PITEL™ PLC in-building Internet distribution system during CeBIT & Convergence India 2005

23 Feb 2005

Beer-Sheva, ISRAEL - February 2005 - Yitran Communications, Ltd. (previously named ITRAN Communications Ltd), a leading provider of PLC (Power Line Communication) technology, has announced that it will be exhibiting its extremely low cost commercial version of the PITEL™ in-building Internet distribution PLC system, during the international CEBIT 2005 (March 10-16, Hannover, Germany) and Convergence India 2005 (March 22-24, New-Delhi, India) events.

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