Yitran takes part in establishing a Power Line Communication AMR standard in China

30 Nov 2005

Beer-Sheva ISRAEL - November 30, 2005 - Yitran Communications Ltd., a leading supplier of PLC (Power Line Communication) technology, has accepted an invitation to join the new Chinese PLC AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) forum, established earlier this year. The forum is consisted of over 30 leading companies, including top meter manufacturers, system integrators and technology vendors. It intends to serve as an industry standardization body and was established as part of an effort to define a standard for the growing market of PLC based AMR in China.

“We are very happy to take part in this exciting activity of setting a standard for the Chinese PLC AMR market”, said Dr. Oren Kaufman, Yitran's General Manager - East Asia and Pacific. “Earlier this year our IT800 narrowband PLC technology has been selected by the Japanese ECHONET consortium as part of its home control standard and we expect more such announcements to follow this success. In addition to the great success of our IT800 technology in Japan, it has also been adopted by companies like LG in South Korea and by respectable institutes such as ITRI in Taiwan. The IT800 PLC technology is a de-facto standard in a constantly growing number of countries and markets. To be there it takes high performance and reliability while keeping the cost low enough. We have all these points covered by our IT800 technology.”

The Chinese AMR forum is divided to two working groups: a physical implementation group headed by Professor Shu Shan (CTO, Beijing MicroSun Century Electronic Science & Technology Ltd.) dealing with issues such as the frequency bands and signal strength and an application related group headed by Mr. Feng Xijung (CTO, Hunan Willfar Information Technology Co. Ltd.) handling issues related to the MAC and Networking layers.

“We are glad to have Yitran on board” said Prof. Shu Shan. “We believe that Yitran's technology is very suitable and well equipped to handle the tuff conditions of the power line grids in China”. “Yitran brings with it to the forum a vast experience in PLC and the required capabilities for AMR over PLC. We are happy to be able to utilize the knowledge and experience of Yitran in this field”, added Mr. Feng Xijun.

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