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Arkados, Inc., a fabless semiconductor company, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of (OTC BB: CDKN).

Arkados designs, develops, markets, and sells technology and solutions enabling broadband communications over standard electricity lines (“the powerline network”), and has developed a re-configurable hardware and software platform for high-speed transmission of converged multimedia, voice, and data traffic over AC electrical wires. Arkados is an active contributor and BoD member of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance.

Our Products

The ArkTIC family of solutions is designed to address the rapidly developing connected home market with a portfolio of solutions that enable OEMs and ODMs to quickly develop digitally networked consumer electronic products with a competitive cost structure.

The AI-1100 chip is the first single chip product combining HomePlug 1.0.1 based PHY and MAC, a wide variety of interfaces including digital audio and Ethernet, and a powerful ARM9 processor.

The Arkados solutions are designed to lower the overall cost of producing products for the connected home, speed the time to market and offer a flexible multimedia platform for developing and delivering such powerline networked products.

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Arkados Addresses European Leaders at Net-atHome 2007 and HomePlug European Executive Seminar

14 Nov 2007

CEO Oleg Logvinov to address international audience as growth in European home network and broadband access markets continues

NICE, FRANCE, November 14, 2007 - Arkados (OTC BB: AKDS), known as “the HomePlug® Applications Company,” announces that Oleg Logvinov, CEO and president of Arkados, and chief strategy officer of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance, will address an audience of European home networking leaders at two events this week in Nice, France: Net-atHome 2007 and the 2007 HomePlug European Executive Seminar.

Arkados awarded Patent for Coupling In-Home and To-The-Home Powerline Communications Systems

24 Oct 2007

PISCATAWAY, NJ, October 24, 2007 - Arkados (OTC BB: AKDS), known as “the HomePlug® Applications Company,” announced today that it has been awarded a United States patent titled “Coupling between Powerline and Customer in Powerline Communication Systems.” The US Patent Office awarded patent number 7,286,812 on October 23, 2007.

Arkados and MainNet team to bridge Smart Power Grids with Consumer Electronics, enabling “Green Entertainment”

11 Oct 2007

Significant industry milestone employs the visionary usage of broadband powerline communications technology by combining Smart-Grid applications with consumer electronic devices in the home.

Piscataway, NJ, October 11, 2007 - Arkados (OTC BB: AKDS), known as “the HomePlug® Applications Company,” and MainNet Communications, Ltd., a leader in the broadband over powerline (BPL) communications market, have entered into a strategic collaboration to create commercial hardware and software solutions for Smart-Grid applications. The two companies plan to jointly develop applications to improve the reliability and efficiency of electrical grids, connect consumer electronic devices over power lines, enable energy-saving initiatives, and deliver Broadband content to homes and offices.

Arkados Customers Display Revolutionary New Products At 2007 Homeplug Powerline Conference

10 Oct 2007

Arkados leads industry with complete solutions for HomePlug products; Addresses international conference attendees

Santa Clara, CA, October 10, 2007 - Arkados (OTC BB: AKDS), known as “the HomePlug® Applications Company,” announces several new products using Arkados semiconductor and software solutions. Together, the new products from Arkados customers devolo AG, Russound, Tatung, MainNet Communications, GigaFast, and Corporate Systems Engineering, embody the extensive range of applications for Arkados powerline technology, including retail consumer electronics, whole-house audio, custom home AV installations, and smart-grid applications.

Arkados Powers Russound's New Networked iPod Bridge

5 Sep 2007

Russound's new iBridge Dock PLC uses Arkados solutions to create whole-house music from an iPod

Denver, CO, September 5, 2007 - Arkados (OTC BB: AKDS), known as “the HomePlug® Applications Company,” announces that the new iBridge Dock PLC from Russound®, their first digitally networked iPod® Bridge, is powered by solutions from Arkados. The iBridge Dock PLC is a revolutionary product that requires no wiring, using HomePlug powerline communications technology to integrate an iPod into Russound's RNET® multiroom controller amplifiers.

Arkados Firmware Delivers On Whole-House Audio

14 Aug 2007

New release expands feature set and retains focus on high-growth consumer segments

Piscataway, NJ, August 14, 2007 - Arkados (OTC BB: AKDS), known as “the HomePlug® Applications Company,” announces the delivery of a new firmware version which allows their OEM and ODM customers to design and build a digital audio system with more robust and reliable audio streaming, and an increase in the number of receivers that can play uninterrupted high-quality music throughout the whole house. The new audio streaming firmware enhances the advantages of Arkados solutions over current other wireless distribution systems available in the market.

Arkados Patent Demonstrates Continued Technology Leadership

23 Jul 2007

US Patent 7,245,625 describes an essential device in Broadband Powerline ecosystem

Piscataway, NJ, July 23, 2007 - Arkados (OTC BB: AKDS), known as “the HomePlug® Applications Company,” was awarded US Patent number 7,245,625 entitled “Network-to-Network Adaptor for Powerline Communications”.

Arkados' Customers And Partners Displaying Whole House Digital Media Entertainment Solutions At Computex Taipei 2007

5 Jun 2007

Whole-house Audio, IPTV, Surveillance video from GigaFast, Good Way, and Tatung Demonstrate the Realization of the Connected Home Vision

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, R.O.C., June 5, 2007 - Arkados (OTC BB: AKDS), known as “the HomePlug® Application Solutions Company,” is working with their customers and partners to demonstrate its chip and software solutions for whole-house music, in-home surveillance systems, and IPTV distribution. Focused on the growing consumer appetitie for on-demand entertainment, each application connects its system components without the need to install new wiring in a home.

HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Hosts Community at Intel Developer's Forum®

26 Sep 2006

SAN FRANCISCO - September 26, 2006 - The HomePlug® Powerline Alliance today announced that it will be hosting a HomePlug Technology Community display at this week's Intel Developer's Forum® (IDF) in San Francisco.

HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Awards Certification Logo to Twenty HomePlug certified Products

15 Aug 2006

Plugfest event promotes interoperability of products incorporating powerline communications standards and ensures a seamless consumer experience

San Ramon, Calif. - August 15, 2006 - Driving the adoption of open-standards based powerline communications technologies, the HomePlug® Powerline Alliance today announced the results of a product certification audit at the latest HomePlug Plugfest.

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