Arkados™ Inc. Displays the Engine Designed to Power Digital Home Products at WinHEC 2006

The Arkados AI-1100 System-on-chip enables a whole-house experience for audio, Internet radio, IPTV, security-in-a-box, and host of other applications for the connected home

22 May 2006

PISCATAWAY, N.J., May 22, 2006 - Arkados Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Inc. (OTCBB:CDKN), is using the occasion of WinHEC 2006 to display several digital home applications that feature their AI-1100 System-on-chip (SoC) processor.

The AI-1100 is the first in a line of ArkTIC™ family of silicon products that are designed to enable a wide variety of consumer electronic devices built on a programmable and flexible platform. ArkTIC stands for the Arkados Total Integration Concept. With a combination of the flexible silicon and various firmware loads, the ArkTIC family is designed to address the rapidly developing connected home market with a portfolio of solutions that enable OEMs and ODMs to quickly develop digitally networked consumer electronic products with a competitive cost structure. ArkTIC family SoCs feature HomePlug® powerline networking connectivity, a powerful ARM9 processor, and a host of in-demand interfaces in one programmable solution. For consumer electronics manufacturers, this means they can use a single platform to build entire product lines.

“We are seeing a lot of excitement when our potential customers learn about the features of our chip,” commented Oleg Logvinov, president and CEO of Arkados. “The HomePlug technology, incorporated in the chip, uses a home's electrical wires to distribute a digital signal, meaning it is no longer difficult or expensive for consumers to take advantage of digital home applications. Some examples include using an iPod or MP3 Player to pipe music into every room in the house, creating an instant video security system that can connect to an existing TV, or even enabling IPTV and Internet radio without a computer. The AI-1100 device is designed to power these and many other applications, including appliance control, HVAC and Energy Management.”

“In a sense, Arkados is the HomePlug applications company. Our customers will create a wide variety of products with our chips and firmware,” said Stephen S. Woodman, VP of sales and business development. “The programmable engine within the AI-1100 makes it easy for our customers to add product-differentiating features and interfaces. In-demand features like IR Remote Support, a LCD, a set LEDs, pushbuttons, even DSPs for video encoding and decoding, can be quickly and easily added to the product implementation because of the versatility of the Arkados' chip interfaces.”

Visitors to WinHEC can meet with Arkados in WinHEC booth #412. More information is available at

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