HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Awards Certification Logo to Twenty HomePlug certified Products

Plugfest event promotes interoperability of products incorporating powerline communications standards and ensures a seamless consumer experience

15 Aug 2006

San Ramon, Calif. - August 15, 2006 - Driving the adoption of open-standards based powerline communications technologies, the HomePlug® Powerline Alliance today announced the results of a product certification audit at the latest HomePlug Plugfest.

The Plugfest is the final stage of the alliance's certification framework. Founded in 2000, the HomePlug alliance remains the only compliance, interoperability and standards organization in the powerline technology industry. As part of the alliance's goal for achieving the most rewarding consumer experience, the certification process is designed to maintain compatibility with existing powerline communications products.

Consumers will recognize interoperable products through the use of the HomePlug certified logo, which already exists on nearly six million products worldwide. “Offering consumers the most robust yet simple-to-use product is the primary motivation behind this comprehensive compliance and interoperability program,” said Pete Griffin, director of corporate technology at RadioShack Corporation. “The HomePlug Alliance leads the industry as the only powerline organization to offer such a complete strategy. By continuing to host Plugfest events, the HomePlug Powerline Alliance further accelerates mass deployment of powerline communications products globally.”

The HomePlug Powerline Alliance has taken key measures to guarantee coexistence between the emerging HomePlug AV technology and the existing installed base of HomePlug 1.0 devices. The HomePlug AV specification requires the implementation of a coexistence mechanism to ensure coexistence with HomePlug 1.0 certified products.

Products receiving certification at the latest Plugfest include the following:

  • Arkados Inc. - Direct to Speaker™ Internet Radio Reference Design (AI1100-DTSAN-INTR)
  • Asoka USA - Pluglink Wireless AP (PL9250-WAP), Ethernet to Powerline DC Output (PL9645-ETP) and Pluglink Powerline to Ethernet Adapter (PL9640)
  • devolo - Microlink dLAN Audio Adapter (MT 02034), dLAN Ethernet Adapter (MT2026), dLAN HS Ethernet (MT2071), dLAN i (MT 2031), dLAN I (MT2052), dLAN HS Ethernet (MT2050), Microlink dLAN ADSL Modem Router (MT 2043) and dLAN Duo (MT2044)
  • Echostar - Dish Player DVR (DE15 942)
  • Intellon Corporation - Ethernet to Powerline Reference Design (RD5500-ETH)
  • ST&T - Powerline Speaker (SST 1462), PLC Camera (WCam 75), Powerline to Ethernet Bridge (M53), Powerline Audio Transmitter (SST 1938), Powerline Audio Receiver (SST 1937)
  • ZyXEL - Ethernet Adapter (PL-100)

The HomePlug compliance and interoperability certification programs use common test code, standardized platforms, test specifications and a variety of system profiles. To help manufacturers and consumers easily identify HomePlug certified products, the Alliance awards each product a special HomePlug certification logo to incorporate onto product packages and collateral. The Alliance maintains a list of its certified products on the HomePlug website.

Because HomePlug certified products have been tested to work well together, consumers enjoy a seamless and easy set-up process when networking their home or business.

Additional details of the HomePlug certification programs are available at www.homeplug.org

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