HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Announces Annual Technology Conference, “Setting Standards in Motion”

Industry Leaders Reconvene to Discuss Roadmap for Open Standards Approach to Powerline Technologies and the Role of Powerline Communications in the Digital Home

15 Aug 2006

San Ramon, Calif. - August 15, 2006 - Driving the worldwide acceptance of high-speed networking over power lines, the HomePlug® Powerline Alliance today announced that it will host its annual HomePlug Powerline Technology Conference, “Setting Standards in Motion,” in San Francisco on October 4 - 5, 2006.

The two-day conference is being sponsored by HomePlug Alliance members Arkados Inc., Gigle Semiconductor, Intellon Corp. and SPiDCOM Technologies.

This year's event will provide business and technology leaders with an interactive environment to openly explore pressing issues facing the powerline industry, gain fresh insight regarding the technology, and exchange experiences and ideas.

The HomePlug Powerline Alliance
October 4 - 5, 2006 (detailed schedule to be released soon)
Marriott Hotel, San Francisco Airport, Burlingame, Calif.

The Annual HomePlug Powerline Technology Conference will feature expert speakers and panelists from multiple industries who will explain why their companies are leveraging HomePlug technology in their respective fields of business.

Conference attendees will have access to a variety of panel discussions and expert speakers covering topics such as the unique digital home applications of HomePlug technology, current BPL trials and rollouts, and the latest applications for HomePlug's Command and Control technology.

A complete conference agenda and list of keynote speakers will be available online prior to the event at 2006tc.homeplug.org

“Since last year's conference, the HomePlug Alliance has seen a dramatic increase in the technology's worldwide presence, as well as exponential growth in the development of HomePlug certified products,” said Edward Butler, from Intel Corporation, who also serves as president of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance. “This year's conference demonstrates that our standards-based approach to powerline networking solutions, with a focus on interoperability and coexistence, has successfully positioned HomePlug at the forefront of consumer-friendly networking technologies today.”

Those interested in attending the conference should register by visiting http://2006tc.homeplug.org/en/about/index.asp or send an email message to Julie Jenks at jjenks@inventures.com. Early registration is encouraged as seating is limited. The conference fee is $599 for non-HomePlug members, with significant discounts to the alliance's membership. Complimentary passes are available to pre-registered members of the press.

Companies interested in receiving information about joining the HomePlug Powerline Alliance are invited to contact Executive Director Rob Ranck (rranck@inventures.com) for details on membership and activities.

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