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Amperion, Inc. is a pioneering medium-voltage powerline communications (MV-PLC) company that develops networking hardware and software to enable the delivery of high-speed broadband data over the medium-voltage utility lines. Amperion's products allow service providers and utilities to use existing powerline infrastructures to provide high-speed data transport and enhanced utility services economically and with minimal capital investment.

Access / Backhaul / Utility

  • Falcon 1000 (Overhead) MV Injector
  • Falcon 1000 (Overhead) MV Extractor
  • Falcon 1000 (Overhead) MV Repeater/Extractor
  • Lynx 1000 (Underground) MV Injector
  • Lynx 1000 (Underground) MV Extractor
  • Lynx 1000 (Underground) MV Repeater/Extractor

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Amperion and Corinex Communications Partner to Deliver 200 Mbps BPL Solutions to Utilities and Operators Worldwide

29 Mar 2006

LOWELL, MA and VANCOUVER, BC - Amperion, Inc., the leading Access Broadband over Powerline (BPL) solution provider, and Corinex Communications Corp., the largest Powerline manufacturing company in the world have executed a partnership agreement that will deliver a turnkey solution (best of breed BPL hardware, software, and services) to utilities and operators around the globe.

Asylum Telecom and Amperion Announce Strategic Relationship

15 Nov 2005

Amperion, Inc., the developers of PowerWiFi™ - WiFi on Broadband over Power Line (BPL) technology, and Asylum Telecom LLC , a global provider of “turnkey” distributed IP communication solutions, today formally announced plans of cooperation in development, operations, and sales initiatives resulting in bundled broadband and IP communications solutions targeted at service providers globally.

Amperion Teams with SpanPro

10 Nov 2005

SpanPro, Inc., a turnkey services company and Amperion, Inc., a leading provider of Broadband over Power Line (BPL) equipment, today announced they have entered into a strategic relationship for the engineering and deployment of Amperion BPL systems.

Plexeon Logistics, Amperion, and Broadband Energy Networks announce comprehensive BPL Solutions and Services Suite

7 Sep 2005

Plexeon Logistics, Amperion, Inc. and Broadband Energy Networks today announced a BPL Solutions Package that offers Utilities a comprehensive way to deploy a Broadband over Power Line infrastructure. The Basic Package Offering includes BPL network elements, project management, engineering, training, RF and performance testing, a set of enabled utility applications, network monitoring, analyses, and final Pilot reports.

Amperion Announces Award of Medium Voltage BPL Patent

11 Jul 2005

Amperion, Inc., the leading provider of Broadband over Power Line (BPL) technology, today announced the award of its 31st and newest patent. The US Patent and Trade Mark Office issued Patent Number 6,885,674, ‘Communications System for providing broadband communications using medium voltage cable of a power system.’

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