Amperion Teams with SpanPro

10 Nov 2005

SpanPro, Inc., a turnkey services company and Amperion, Inc., a leading provider of Broadband over Power Line (BPL) equipment, today announced they have entered into a strategic relationship for the engineering and deployment of Amperion BPL systems.

By coupling signals to power cables, BPL leverages existing power plant infrastructure to deploy broadband services at significantly reduced costs from traditional wire line services. Amperion BPL technology takes this cost reduction one step further by using standard IEEE 802.11 wireless radios to cover the “last mile” to the customer premises. This is especially significant in the international arena where wire line coverage by multiple vendors is not nearly as ubiquitous as in the US markets. Thus with the potential to reach where other broadband solutions do not, Broadband over Power Line is the next Broadband medium internationally.

SpanPro's successful deployment of thousands of miles of outdoor utility plant - engineering though construction provides them with a wealth of experience in best practices and project management. Through products from their software development arm, SpanPro Solutions, Amperion will have the advantage of remotely monitoring deployment progress through web-enabled reporting tools SpanPro routinely uses on all of its projects. Additionally, SpanPro's development team is creating new products and methodologies for improving time to market as well as out of the gate performance.

Says SpanPro Chairman and CEO Frank Allen, “I am very excited over our relationship with Amperion. We are preparing for both domestic and international deployments with them, and our software unit is working on several new tools that I am confident will be extremely beneficial in increasing the speed and efficiency of Amperion deployments”.

Their wealth of experience in telecommunications as well as the emerging BPL markets coupled with their web based management solutions uniquely qualifies SpanPro to work in domestic and international markets, allowing quick and efficient leveraging of their core management around the globe.

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