Plexeon Logistics, Amperion, and Broadband Energy Networks announce comprehensive BPL Solutions and Services Suite

7 Sep 2005

Plexeon Logistics, Amperion, Inc. and Broadband Energy Networks today announced a BPL Solutions Package that offers Utilities a comprehensive way to deploy a Broadband over Power Line infrastructure. The Basic Package Offering includes BPL network elements, project management, engineering, training, RF and performance testing, a set of enabled utility applications, network monitoring, analyses, and final Pilot reports.

A supplemental package of BPL Applications - developed by Broadband Energy Networks - permits a Utility to explore unique applications and services enabled by BPL, including utility applications, building automation, and public safety and security.

“We believe this represents a significant opportunity for Utilities to test the inherent abilities of BPL, Utility Applications, and Broadband performance in an integrated environment and at an attractive price. The Program may also play a major role for utilities that are conducting financial and technical analyses by providing empirical information that can be incorporated into the Business model,” stated Lance Rosen, CEO and President of Plexeon Logistics.

“Amperion is pleased to be part of this BPL Solution package. Combining Amperion's equipment, Plexeon's deployment expertise, and Broadband Energy Network's utility applications will give any utility, interested in BPL, an excellent opportunity to easily, and cost effectively, deploy a pilot on their own grid”, states Phil Hunt, CEO of Amperion.

“The Plexeon BPL Solution package provides a complete turn-key system of equipment and services for a BPL pilot”, said Larry Silverman, President of Broadband Energy Networks. “It enables a utility that is interested in learning about using BPL to move immediately on their own system into analysis of the feasibility, benefits and business model, without having to go through the weeks of engineering and study required to plan and assemble a pilot system. The utility gets the benefits and learning of a hands-on installation, but leverages the experience of Plexeon, Amperion and Broadband Energy to quickly focus on the key business issues underlying BPL.”

You can learn more about the Solution Package by going to and downloading the brochure.

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