Amperion Announces Award of Medium Voltage BPL Patent

11 Jul 2005

Amperion, Inc., the leading provider of Broadband over Power Line (BPL) technology, today announced the award of its 31st and newest patent. The US Patent and Trade Mark Office issued Patent Number 6,885,674, ‘Communications System for providing broadband communications using medium voltage cable of a power system.’

The newly awarded patent bolsters Amperion's industry leading patent portfolio to include the transmission of broadband communications across the medium voltage power grid, as well as the use of wireless technology from the BPL network as a means of customer connection. “We are pleased to announce the addition of this patent to our portfolio as it addresses two key components of commercial BPL networks –backhaul as provided along the medium voltage powerline, and wireless flexibility for customer and device connection,” stated Philip Hunt, CEO of Amperion. “It is this architecture that has allowed our customers to expand quickly, efficiently, to provide mobility and to enjoy enormous savings in cost per connected user.”

Since its commercial release in 2003, Amperion networks have been deployed at fifteen of the fifty largest investor owned Utilities in the United States, as well as municipalities and electric cooperatives around the USA.

Previously, Amperion announced the European defense of one of the industry's seminal works #EPO756785 whereby the transference of information using high frequencies (greater than 1MHz) to carry communications over low, medium, and high voltage power lines, into a premise was upheld on appeal. Siemens AG of Munich, Germany and ABB of Zurich, Switzerland were named the non-prevailing parties in the May 2004 court proceeding. The corresponding patent issued to Amperion by the US Patent and Trade Mark Office is Patent Number 5,684,450. “As was the case in recent patent defenses of Amperion intellectual property,” noted Hunt, “it is our intent to continue licensing efforts of our patent portfolio to help promote and accelerate growth in the BPL industry.”

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