Simply Automated Announces Two New Easy-to-Install Universal Phase Couplers for Powerline Communications

23 Feb 2005

San Diego, CA - February 23, 2005 - Simply Automated, Incorporated is proud to announce two new Universal Phase Couplers that, when installed in conjunction with Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) home automation products, make a highly reliable system even better.

Passive phase couplers transmit powerline communication signals between the two power phases that exist in most homes. Besides UPB signals, these Universal Phase Couplers also pass X10 and broadband frequencies, and thus are able to address mixed technology applications with only one device per home.

Both models are designed with LEDs that indicate proper phase connection and operation. Beginning early in the 2nd quarter of 2005, the available models will include:

  • Wire-in Universal Phase Coupler (Model ZPC-W), which is designed for mounting inside a junction box, and
  • Breaker-box Mount Universal Phase Coupler (Model ZPC-B), which is designed to be mounted inside most standard power centers that have available space for a 220V circuit breaker.

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