X10.com Declares Its Wired Home Products Future Proof

Pioneer of X10 standard claims wireless home control, entertainment and security solutions last a lifetime

5 Oct 1999

Seattle - October 5, 1999 - X10.com is declaring its Wired Home products future proof based on a long history of developing wireless products that send commands remotely to almost anything electrical without incurring the costs typically associated with the installation of a PC-based home network.

Since developing the Powerline Carrier Technology™, which has long since become an X10 industry standard, millions of technology and computer enthusiasts everywhere have joined the Wired Home revolution with a technology platform based on the existing wiring that exists today in nearly 100 percent of all U.S. households. X10.com has recently enhanced the X10 industry standard by developing a family of wireless entertainment and security products that operate on the 2.4-gigahertz platform.

X10.com's customers can take comfort in the fact that no matter where technology is heading in the home networking arena, their Wired Home will continue to offer convenience, security and entertainment for years to come at a price point that only X10.com can offer. Over the years, only the consumer electronics manufacturer has created future proof versions of their home control, entertainment and security solutions by constantly finding ways to enhance functionality without additional wiring.

“X10.com recognizes that using wireless technology to control and manage a 21st century Wired Home is the wave of the future,” said Alex Peder, president X10 (USA) retail sales division. “Wireless technology is the most portable, the least costly to install, and offers the highest bandwidth and quality compared to the home networking products being written about today. We believe our dual platforms consisting of the existing powerline and 2.4- gigahertz wireless radio signals will once again become an X10 industry standard for the home of the future.”


X10.com's future proof products are available at X10.com or by calling 1-800-675-3044.

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