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The X10 Group designs, develops, manufactures and markets a wide variety of home automation and security products which are inexpensive and easily installed by consumers. The home automation line consists of “controllers” which instantly or automatically send signals over existing electric power wiring to receiver “modules,” which in turn control lights, appliances, heating and air conditioning units, etc. Controllers range in retail price from US$13.00 to US$70.00. Included is a new controller which interfaces to personal computers and incorporates two-way transmission of power line signals. Modules range from US$13.00 to US$30.00 at retail. Therefore, it is possible for a homeowner to control 6 lights and appliances remotely for under US$100.00.

The home automation products are called “powerline carrier” (PLC) devices because they communicate over existing powerline wiring. X-10 also manufactures compatible PLC products which are installed in commercial buildings and private homes by professional contractors and electricians. The commercial applications are primarily for energy management. The residential products are often installed by builders who want to offer home automation as an additional selling feature. X-10's PLC technology inherently saves labor and wire since the ability to send control signals from point A to point B does not require additional wiring.

Today, X-10 Ltd. and its subsidiaries employ more people in the design, development, manufacture and marketing of electronic home automation products than any other company in the world.

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X10.com Declares Its Wired Home Products Future Proof

5 Oct 1999

Pioneer of X10 standard claims wireless home control, entertainment and security solutions last a lifetime

Seattle - October 5, 1999 - X10.com is declaring its Wired Home products future proof based on a long history of developing wireless products that send commands remotely to almost anything electrical without incurring the costs typically associated with the installation of a PC-based home network.

X10's ActiveHome™ Kit - Welcome to the 21st Century

31 Oct 1996

Seattle - October 1996 - X10 (USA) Inc., the first manufacturer to develop a way to use the existing AC wiring in your home to automatically control your lights and appliances, now has a way for Ward and Beaver to avoid June's wrath for leaving on a light, coffee pot or TV.

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