Ariane Controls joins the Homeplug® Powerline Alliance

6 Dec 2005

Quebec City - Ariane Controls announced today that it is joining the ranks of the Homeplug® Powerline Alliance, an important industry-led initiative comprised of market leaders. The Alliance is currently preparing for the development of a specification for an advanced command and control technology, known as HPCC (HomePlug Command & Control). This low-speed, very low-cost specification is intended to complement the alliance's higher-speed powerline communications technologies.

“We are thrilled about joining the Alliance at a time when the HPCC is taking form” notes Jean-Pierre Fournier, Ariane Controls President. “We believe that such a specification is essential for the development of our industry. Furthermore, the creation of HPCC is in line with Ariane's technology roadmap, complementing our current line of protocol independent Powerline chips and applications. We hope that our contribution will help define the new standard.”

“Market projections indicate that by 2007 and 2008, millions of command and control nodes will be sold each month,” said Rob Ranck, executive director of the alliance. “Having already built standards for high-speed powerline communications, the alliance is looking to create that key market-unifying standard that will increase the total market for command and control applications.”

The HomePlug® Powerline Alliance's mission is to enable and promote rapid availability, adoption and implementation of cost effective, interoperable and standards-based home powerline networks and products.

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