Domosys Joins HomePlug Powerline Alliance

Domosys will participate in the development of the HomePlug Command & Control specification

21 Dec 2005

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, Dec. 12 - Domosys Corporation, a leading provider of control networking technology, announced today that it has joined the ranks of HomePlug® Powerline Alliance, Inc., as a Participant Member. This organization creates international specifications for powerline networking products and services and has initiated the definition of a command and control technology known as HPCC (HomePlug Command & Control).

This is an exciting opportunity for an industry leader such as Domosys which has been developing and defining multiple control network technologies including CEBus®, Home Plug & Play™, SCP, Universal Plug & Play™ and PowerBus® over the past 11 years. Domosys will bring this expertise to the HomePlug Powerline Alliance to make the HPCC standard highly reliable and cost effective.

“We are delighted at the opportunity to participate in the development of the HPCC specification with an organization such as the HomePlug Powerline Alliance, whose solid reputation precedes it and defines it”, said Pierre Longtin, Domosys' Executive Vice-President.

The many success stories concerning the initial HomePlug 1.0 Specification are a testimony to the significant role that HomePlug Powerline Alliance plays in promoting powerline technologies and provide strong evidence that the resulting HPCC standard will benefit from the same excellent results.

“We are extremely pleased to see a company such as Domosys joining our ranks and participating in the development of the HPCC specification”, says Mr. Rob Ranck, Executive Director, HomePlug Powerline Alliance.

For more information on the HomePlug Command & Control, select the FAQs menu from the Alliance's website ( and look for the HomePlug Command & Control section.

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