Asoka and Intellon team up to offer a No New Wires® Digital Home Network Solution

With speeds up to 85 Mbps, Asoka makes IPTV and Triple Play a Simple, Reliable & Affordable Solution

5 Jan 2005

Las Vegas, Nevada - CES - January 5, 2005 - Asoka USA Corporation, a leading Powerline Communications developer and manufacturer, has been selected by Intellon Corporation, the leading HomePlug® Powerline semiconductor manufacturer, as a strategic partner to launch a HomePlug with Turbo network solution for the digital home, called the PlugLink™ Turbo Ethernet Wall Module.

The new module uses the latest HomePlug 1.0-compatible Powerline technology from Intellon with high speed powerline networking at speeds up to 85 Mbps. Asoka will be showcasing IPTV and triple play applications using the new module during the upcoming 2005 International Consumer Electronics Show. Asoka and Intellon have been strategic partners since May 2002.

Capable of supporting speeds up to 85 Mbps, the PlugLink Turbo Ethernet Wall Module is the ideal backbone solution for IPTV and triple play applications. Taking HomePlug network solutions to the next level, the PlugLink Turbo Ethernet Wall Module turns the digital home into a reality for everyone. Similar to Asoka's other home data networking products in the PlugLink family, the PlugLink Turbo Ethernet Wall Module is designed with four key features: simplicity, security, reliability and affordability. “Setting up the PlugLink Turbo Ethernet Wall Module is as easy as plugging in a night light. We at Asoka believe the PlugLink Turbo Ethernet Wall Module is the network solution of choice for any connected home,” says Elsa Chan, Director of Business Development.

“Asoka is excited to showcase the latest HomePlug 1.0-compatible Turbo network solution,” continued Chan. “For some time now, the market has demanded a higher speed powerline network solution to support applications such as IPTV and triple play. Asoka has been working rigorously to offer such solution. Intellon's new HomePlug 1.0-compatible Turbo IC provides the bandwidth for Powerline to be used as the ultimate backbone network solution.”

Chan further explained, “A great deal of focus in the media has been wireless (802.11 standards) and Ultra-Wide-Band (UWB). However, wireless and UWB cannot support IPTV and Triple Play applications. Wireless and UWB are great input devices, but no matter how fast and how big the pipe is, wireless and UWB are too susceptible to interference and often still require a cabling solution for the backbone. That is simply the reason why Powerline is such a great technology. Not only is it a No New Wires® network solution requiring no new cabling, but it also provides a secure and reliable medium for IPTV and Triple Play applications.”

“Asoka's new PlugLink™ Turbo Ethernet Wall Module is the ideal solution for IPTV and SD video networking applications. Intellon was pleased to partner with Asoka on this important new addition to their respected HomePlug product line, says Ron Gliberry, President of Intellon.

Please come see Asoka at CES. The booth is conveniently located in the South Hall under the Tech Home Pavilion at #26621.

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