DS2 and Corinex Communications launch the industry's first combined Video, Voice, and Data over Powerline CPE Solution @ 200Mbps

7 Jan 2005

Las Vegas, Nevada - January 7, 2005 - Corinex Communications Corp. and DS2 are proud to announce the immediate availability of the Powerline industry's first solution for distributing ultra high-speed signals over the existing electrical wiring in a building.

The Corinex AV Powerline Ethernet adapter offers an amazing throughput of up to 200Mbps, ample bandwidth for streaming multiple high quality video signals, while simultaneously delivering high-speed Internet access throughout an entire premise.

The Corinex AV Powerline Ethernet adapter supports 802.1Q VLAN and Optimized VLANs extensions, which together with a powerful DES/3DES encryption, ensures reliable security. QoS is implemented with 8 service levels that are fully programmable to support any priority classification system like 802.1P tags, IP TOS coding (IPv4 or IPv6) or TCP source/destination ports. The adapter uses an advanced high performance hybrid TDMA/CSMA Audio Visual MAC and has a built-in level 2 bridge optimized for meshed/ad-hoc powerline networks. All this makes the Corinex AV Powerline Ethernet adapter ideally suited for in-home integrated services networking including computer, video and audio applications, whether in single homes, residential areas, or multiple dwelling units in urban areas.

The Corinex AV Powerline Ethernet adapter was designed to comply with the soon to be released UPA (Universal Powerline Association) coexistence and interoperability standards. Corinex Communications, the leader in CPE HomePlug powerline networking with 48% market share as per In-Stat/MDR, and DS2, the leading powerline chip manufacturer in the world, are founding members of the UPA, an organization which already boasts an impressive membership of some of the worlds most significant powerline players including Ambient, Ascom, Itochu, Schneider Electric, Sumitomo, and Toyocom.

DS2's new low frequency chipset (1-30 MHz) allows the Corinex AV Powerline Ethernet adapter to propagate signals up to 300m (or much more if the product is set to function as a repeater or used over coaxial cable networks) unlike other high frequency chipsets (using 750 MHz and above) which limit reachable distances to less than 100m. Similar high frequency distance limitations are well known from the wireless world where 5.4GHz 802.11a products deliver coverage over much shorter distances than that of lower frequency 2.4GHz 802.11b/g products.

Corinex's initial AV Powerline product features DS2's DSS9000 series chipsets offering speeds that support professional quality video distribution. Future Corinex products will include an AV Powerline Gateway, Repeater, and Router, which together with the Corinex AV Powerline Ethernet adapter will enable video distribution in MDU's (Multi Dwelling Units). The Corinex AV Powerline Ethernet adapter, together with the AV Phoneline and AV CableLAN, form the most extensive solution set to support the triple play of video, voice, and data over electrical wires, coaxial cables, and phone lines. Leading operators in North America and Europe are ready to test the product.

Corinex AV products based on DS2 chipsets are available today; contact Corinex directly for information on resellers and distributors in your area. Visit DS2 and Corinex at the Innovations Plus - IP584/IP585 booth at CES in Las Vegas on January 6-9, 2005 to view Corinex AV Powerline products and DS2 chipsets!

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