Hometown Connections And MainNet to Market Broadband Internet Over Power Lines

5 Jan 2004

MEVERGREEN,Colo. - Hometown Connections and MainNet Powerline Communications Inc. today announced a strategic partnership that will help members of the American Public Power Association (APPA) deliver high-speed broadband Internet services over electric power lines. APPA members will be able to purchase equipment, software and services from MainNet at national group pricing arranged by Hometown Connections.

Hometown Connections is the utility services subsidiary of APPA. MainNet is a recognized leader in the delivery of power line communications solutions for the energy industry.

The power line communications system from MainNet uses the utility's existing electric power lines connected to homes and businesses to deliver high-speed data through an ordinary wall socket. No special wiring is required. Customers will be able to plug a modem into any electric outlet and have access to broadband Internet service for their computers at competitive rates. The utilities will also be able to use the MainNet solution for outage detection and electric system management support. MainNet's technology is easy to install, scaleable and reliable.

Tim Blodgett, President & CEO of Hometown Connections said, “APPA members of all sizes, from smaller rural systems to those serving major metropolitan areas, are eager to ensure their communities have access to reliable broadband Internet service at a reasonable rate. By partnering with MainNet, an innovative leader in the emerging power line communications market, Hometown Connections will help APPA members deploy this promising technology at group pricing secured for every public power community in the U.S.”

The City of Manassas, Virginia, an APPA member, recently announced a full-scale deployment of broadband over power lines that will use equipment provided by MainNet. Allen Todd, Director of Utilities said “Manassas residents and businesses will soon be the first in the United States to buy broadband Internet access over city power lines. The customers from our pilot project were impressed by the speed, reliability and flexibility of the service. Therefore the City Council voted in favor of city-wide deployment of the MainNet solution.”

Joseph Marsilii, President and CEO of MainNet said “APPA members have continually demonstrated a desire for innovation and leadership in bringing new technologies to their customers. This strategic alliance between MainNet and Hometown Connections means that APPA members' electric customers soon will enjoy the benefits of high-speed data connection to any electric socket. This alliance further demonstrates MainNet's commitment to the public power community.”

“APPA's Demonstration of Energy-Efficient Developments (DEED) program provided funding for the innovative pilot project in the City of Manassas that demonstrated the success of broadband over power lines using the MainNet platform,” said APPA President & CEO Alan H. Richardson. “We're pleased the pilot was successful and other public power systems can take advantage of new opportunities to serve their customers by working with Hometown Connections and MainNet.”

Filed: Jan 2004, BPL, Press, Co: Main.net, Tech: None

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