SPiDCOM Technologies promotes Powerline Communication in China

Radomir Jovanovic, President&CEO, Frederic Onado, VP Marketing&Sales and Milan Erbes, Strategy Manager, gave four presentations which attracted a lot of attention during two international conferences in Beijing.

6 Jun 2006

Beijing, June 6th 2006 - Following its active promotion of Powerline Communication in China over the past years, SPiDCOM Technologies, the fabless semi-conductor company, was invited to two international conferences in Beijing China during May 2006.

The first conference was the “3rd annual China Broadband Triple Play/IPTV Forum” held May 23/24, that had invited Chinese and International Carriers, Broadband Service & Content Providers, Telecom Regulators, Systems and Technology vendors to discuss the current IPTV technologies, standardizations, market trends, licensing, partnerships as well as regulatory affairs and other issues. This conference had over 600 participants from China and other places in Asia and the region.

At this conference SPiDCOM Technologies had two speaking slots: one session on “Next Generation Networks and Residential Gateways”, with Milan Erbes SPiDCOM Technologies, Chairman of the Standardization Working Group NGN@Home, ETSI. The second presentation, “Powerline Communications (PLC) Technologies and Market” was given during the breakout sessions on IPTV Network Delivery & Services by Radomir Jovanovic, President & CEO, SPiDCOM Technologies. SPiDCOM Technologies was also present at the organized exhibition and had a large number of visitors.

The other conference SPiDCOM Technologies was involved was the 2nd “Euro-China workshop on home networks and platforms” that was held in Beijing on May 29. The conference was organized under the umbrella of the European Commission (DG Information Society and Media) and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). This event had more than 240 participants, including 100 from Europe. During the event there were 20 organizations exhibiting with SPiDCOM Technologies being one of them.

SPiDCOM Technologies was also involved with two speaking slots. Frederic Onado, SPiDCOM Technologies VP, had a morning opening session on “PLC Technology in the global home-network ecosystem” and in the afternoon, Milan Erbes talked about the latest Standardisation efforts around home networking.

China has now more than 110 million of Internet Users, with over 64 million subscribed to a broadband Internet Services and is requiring more applications and much more convenient access. There is an increasing number of home and SOHO users that are demanding Internet access in almost every room of their homes and offices, which brings a problem of installing new wires into existing buildings.

SPiDCOM Technologies answers these needs with its new and unique powerline communication solution, which enables 224 Mbps (raw data rate) Triple Play transfers over the electrical wires and the coaxial cables.

Compared to traditional technologies like xDSL or cable, Powerline Communication is much more convenient for home and SOHO users; it can be used everywhere: you just need to plug into the electrical socket! Furthermore, the performances of the solution easily enable users to have multimedia experience like films, pictures and songs. SPiDCOM is working with several Chinese companies to produce PLC equipment with the SPiDCOM chipset for the increased demand of this technology for the access and in-home markets. SPiDCOM Technologies is also working with other companies wishing to use its chipsets for applications over the coaxial cables.

PLC technology can also be used in other market segments like train/automotive and video surveillance. For example, by deploying the PLC technology, it would be much easier for passengers to surf the Internet on their PC's and notebooks while on trains.

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