Enikia Leads Discussions about Powerline Communications at Columbia University

Columbia Institute for Tele-Information (CITI) and leaders from the Powerline Communications industry focus on the “third wire” to every home.

11 Jul 2002

New York, NY - July 11, 2002 - Enikia, the fabless semiconductor manufacturer of powerline networking solutions, joins Columbia University's CITI group to discuss how powerline communication technology (PLC) can transform electrical lines into broadband connections. This is the second in a series of conferences where business and technology leaders are joining academics to discuss issues about the technology, the market, and the business of bringing high-speed Internet access and data services to every home.

Enikia's PLC solutions offer a common-sense approach for utility companies to deliver communications services to their customers. Without the expense of laying new wires to cover the “last-mile”, utility companies and their partners have significant advantages over some of the obstacles that have plagued the cable and DSL industries.

The conference is entitled Power Line Communications II: More Than a Scientific Curiosity, But Is It (Finally) the Long-Awaited “Third Wire” to Every Home? This title refers to the widely held belief that each home will eventually have three wires running to it: Electrical wires, telephone wires, and wires for broadband service.

Pressing power lines into service for double-duty as a broadband connection is not a new idea, but Enikia is leading the recent technological breakthroughs and coupling it with a solid business case to make it possible.

Invited speakers, which will include Mr. Carmen Branca, Enikia's EVP of Operations, Powerline Services, will discuss the technical details of the technology, how the business case works, and what the companies have learned from the trials they have run.

For more information, see www.citi.columbia.edu

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