Metro Link and Enikia Demonstrate UPnP and Powerline Networking at Upcoming 5th UPnP Summit

27 Nov 2001

REDMOND, WA - November 27, 2001 - Enikia™, the fabless semiconductor manufacturer for powerline communications, and Metro Link, Inc., the leading provider of Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) technology, will publicly demonstrate the first easy-to-build home network using UPnP and high-speed powerline technology. This week at the Fifth UPnP Forum Summit, the companies will show individual devices that automatically join networks, obtain IP addresses, and learn about other devices on the network, by simply plugging into an electrical outlet and using the power line as a data path for UPnP data.

The first ever public demonstration will be held on the UPnP Product Showcase floor at the UPnP Forum Summit on Thursday November 29th and Friday November 30th. “We view Powerline Carrier and UPnP as the ‘Killer APP’ to make home networking simple among connected devices and appliances, affordable and ubiquitous in the home,” said Morgan Von Essen, Metro Link's CEO and President, “The combination of Metro Link's UPnP software with Enikia's high-speed powerline solutions eliminates nearly all of the difficulties associated with networking in a home environment. No new wiring is required.”

In the demonstration, UPnP devices and control points are connected using three different physical layers - Ethernet, 802.11b wireless, and powerline. Once connected, devices like web pads, set top boxes, thermostats and alarm systems automatically appear under the “My Network Places” panel on Windows-XP and Millennium Edition based computers. A hand-held web pad, using Metro Link's UPnP Control Point software is used as a virtual remote control demonstrating wireless control (via UPnP over 802.11b) of lighting, temperature, and security systems, as well as control of streaming video from Metro Link's Metro Media PVR (a suite of software enabling full functionality PVR) and Internet access through a Residential Gateway.

“Powerline networking combined with a low-cost embedded UPnP solution is the ideal, most cost effective solution for manufacturers of consumer electronics, home appliances and connected devices. We expect the technologies to drive one another into widespread acceptance,␅ Von Essen continued.

“This is where the rubber meets the road as far as the home networking market goes,” said Doron Hendel, Enikia's VP of Business Development, “While the technology solutions have been maturing, there were hurdles to overcome when it came to educating the home user on how to set-up and configure a network. When you couple a high-speed powerline with UPnP, the knowledge-sharing issues become obsolete. Networking can now be as easy as plugging devices into the power outlet.”

The two companies plan broad cooperation with manufacturers who have plans to bring easy-to-use devices to the home networking market.

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