Enikia Brings its Powerline Solutions to CONNECTIONS™ 2001

20 Apr 2001

DALLAS, April 20, 2001 - CABA and Parks Associates welcome Enikia, a leading developer of powerline networking solutions, as a Platinum Sponsor for CONNECTIONS™ 2001.

CABA and Parks Associates will co-host CONNECTIONS™ 2001: The International Home Networking & Gateways Showcase, the premier conference for home networking, gateways, and information appliances, on May 9-11, 2001, at The Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. The conference will attract upwards of 1,000 attendees and feature 80 sponsoring companies displaying the most advanced products and services in their respective industries.

“Enikia's powerline networking and their involvement in the HomePlug Alliance are changing how voice, video and data are being distributed throughout the home,” said Ron Zimmer, President & CEO of CABA. “They are also helping to develop technology and products that will greatly expand home networking in the lucrative retrofit market.”

Enikia is a leading provider of standards-based, highly integrated powerline solutions and a founding member of the HomePlug Alliance. Enikia's fast, 20Mbps technology supports audio, video, voice, and data over the existing powerline infrastructure. Using advanced design methodologies, Enikia develops and supplies HomePlug-compliant integrated circuits for the home networking market and products for the broadband powerline access market.

By streaming audio and video and simultaneously transmitting multi-player gaming, Internet access, and voice traffic, Enikia's demonstration will show the exciting applications of a fast and robust home network. Products implementing Enikia's solutions provide end users with an easy-to-use home networking experience for entertainment, telephony, smart appliances, work,and Internet applications.

“We are eager to discuss the importance of ubiquitous networking within the home and the unique opportunity powerline technology offers consumer electronics vendors to cross the home networking chasm,” said Bob Dillon, Enikia's EVP of corporate development. “Enikia's vision of the connected home is any home with electricity and our role is to deliver on the expectation that you can reach the Internet just as easily as you can turn on your microwave.”

For more information on Enikia's specific product plans, please contact Roxanne D'Amore at Enikia, LLC.

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