Enikia Champions Homeplug Powerline Alliance

11 Apr 2000

PISCATAWAY, NJ - April 11, 2000 - Enikia today announced its participation in the HomePlug Powerline Alliance as a sponsor. Enikia has teamed with thirteen other leading technology companies to establish a forum for the creation of technology specifications for home powerline networking and to promote its wide acceptance in the marketplace. Working with HomePlug, Enikia will play a key role in facilitating and promoting the rapid availability and adoption of specification-based home powerline networks.

“An industry specification is needed to boost consumer confidence in home networking solutions,” said Bob Dillon, president of Enikia. “That confidence will drive accelerated adoption of information appliances using powerline networking for high-speed distribution of entertainment, interactive media, voice and data, audio, and video usage.”

“Industry leaders in technology, silicon, software, hardware, retail and services are working together to accelerate the establishment of a specification, the development of products and the adoption by consumers of home powerline networking,” said Alberto Mantovani, president of HomePlug and division director, strategic programs, Conexant Systems, Inc. “We are very pleased to have Enikia as one of our founding members.”

“Enikia, as well as HomePlug, support industry specifications that aim to deliver rapid deployment of Internet and multimedia content to every room of every home worldwide,” said Jarek Chylinski, Enikia's vice president of global marketing and a member of the HomePlug board of directors.

The Alliance is dedicated to developing a single, industry-wide specification for devices that use the powerline as a path to communicate data. HomePlug plans to promote powerline communications to the media and businesses to speed time-to-market of powerline-based products, to create a unified voice for the powerline home networking specification, to foster next generation technologies, and to define the market needs for the industry.

Other founding members of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance include: AMD, 3Com, Cisco Systems, Compaq, Conexant, Intel, Panasonic, Intellon, Texas Instruments, Motorola, S3's Diamond Multimedia and Tandy/RadioShack.

For more information about Enikia please visit www.enikia.com. For more information about the HomePlug Powerline Alliance please visit www.homeplug.org

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