NETGEAR Announces Availability of Powerline Networking Products for the Home

NETGEAR named to HomePlug™ Powerline Alliance Board of Directors

17 Jul 2002

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - July 17, 2002 - NETGEAR Inc., a worldwide provider of easy-to-use, high performance networking products at prices affordable to homes and growing businesses, today announced the availability of its new line of industry standard, Home Plug™ compatible Powerline networking units, further expanding the NETGEAR's Platinum family of easy-to use home networking solutions.

NETGEAR's Powerline home networking solutions allow families to share Internet access, such as broadband cable or DSL, using existing electrical outlets. Customers can now extend the Internet anywhere in the home by simply plugging into their 110V electrical outlets, eliminating the need for additional wiring. NETGEAR's Powerline products include the NETGEAR Powerline Ethernet Adapter (XE602) and the NETGEAR Powerline USB Adapter (XA601). The units offer plug and play installation for multiple PCs and other Internet enabled devices and come in a stylish new platinum color design that looks good in any room in the house, distinguishing NETGEAR as a leader in home networking.

Like other NETGEAR products, such as routers and hubs, NETGEAR Powerline units can be used to provide a connection for on-line gaming over the Internet as well as to create a network for Local Area Network (LAN) gaming parties. For example, NETGEAR Powerline products are useful for bridging between Microsoft Xbox™ game consoles to create a system link that allows multi-unit, multi-player games.

“NETGEAR is once again expanding the possibilities of home networking with our new Powerline networking products. Home users can now set up a home network by simply plugging into an electrical outlet,” said Patrick Lo, chairman and CEO of NETGEAR. “This is the perfect product for a first-time network user or someone who does not want to install expensive wiring. It's fast, easy and extremely simple. Also, on the horizon we see a need for Powerline based solutions in a multitude of applications in the home such as connecting game consoles, Personal Video Recorders, and audio equipment to the Internet and to each other.”

NETGEAR's Powerline products provide the best connection with 14 Mbps speeds with automatic rate fallback. The products are robust and rate-adaptive in order to minimize interference from household appliances. All of the products are HomePlug certified and are simple to install and configure.

The NETGEAR Powerline Ethernet Adapter (XE602) enables Ethernet devices, such as Internet radios, to access the Internet from different rooms in the home. When combined with a router such as NETGEAR's Cable/DSL Router (RP614), the Internet connection is virtually available at every electrical outlet in the home. The NETGEAR Powerline Ethernet Adapter supports Windows 98/ME/2000/XP. The expected street price is $99. The NETGEAR Powerline USB Adapter (XA601) enables customers to easily connect desktop systems to the Powerline network without the hassle of opening the PC. It will work with USB-enabled PCs running Windows 98/ME/2000/XP. The expected street price for is $99. Both products will be available through electronic retail chains throughout the United States.

Powerline is another addition to NETGEAR's family of distinctive platinum encased products, complementing any room. Other Platinum Family products include the recently released router (RP614), switches (FS605/608), DSL Modem Internet Gateway (DG814). Future releases of the Platinum Family of compatible and interoperable networking solutions will be based on wireless networking standards, offering customers a complete choice for creating whole home coverage.

NETGEAR was also named to the HomePlug Powerline Alliance board of directors and will be represented by NETGEAR's Chief of Home Networking Strategies, Debashis Pramanik. NETGEAR will assist the alliance in their mission to enable and promote rapid availability, adoption and implementation of cost-effective, interoperable and standards-based home Powerline networks and products.

“We are thrilled that NETGEAR has joined the board of directors. NETGEAR is a leader in networking and we are happy they could take an active role in the alliance,” said Tom Reed, President of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance. “NETGEAR is a strong supporter of HomePlug technology and we are excited that their Platinum encased Powerline units are now available to consumers.”

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