Broadband Over Powerline 2006

Unleashing the full potential of Broadband Over Powerline for your business: core applications, commercialized broadband and the logistics of a large-scale deployment

19 May 2006

An invitation to attend IQPC's 3rd annual Broadband Over Powerline conference - July 25 - 26, 2006, Hilton Garden Inn, Dallas, TX

IQPC is proud to present the 3rd event in the US series of Broadband Over Powerline (BPL): Broadband Over Powerline 2006

July will see municipalities, cooperatives, investor-owned utilities, their partners and telecommunication companies meeting in Dallas, Texas for four of the most important days in the Broadband Over Powerline calendar.

Over the past 3 months, research with the leaders in BPL has indicated that since the large financial investment from the likes of Google, Goldman Sachs and the Hearst Corporation, several patterns have started to emerge. However:

  • Has large-scale deployment really begun to materialize?
  • At what stage of creation is the global standard for technologies?
  • How are core utility applications enhancing the business case for BPL?
  • In what ways are regulations developing and how will they affect your business?

Attend Broadband Over Powerline 2006 and find the answers you have been looking for.

Benefits of Attending

Why should you attend Broadband Over Powerline 2006?

  • Gain exclusive regulatory updates and fully understand its effect on your business in special insight sessions from:
    Julie Parsley, Commissioner, Public Utilities Commission Texas
    Jean-Claude Brien, Director EMC Analysis & Consultation, Industry Canada
    Takeo Osawa, Manager, IT & Telecommunications, Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc.
  • New for 2006! Get involved in the ‘next generation technology’ solution provider panel - get answers and unique BPL insight from our special panel and understand how these new technologies will impact your business processes
  • Take part in 2 interactive site tours to see BPL in action at TXU, Dallas and CenterPoint Energy, Houston and take home tips to enhance your own BPL deployment
  • Select either the Beginner BPL or Advanced BPL breakout sessions to meet with your industry peers to swap ideas and BPL experience. Gain the knowledge to aid your decision-making process in technology selection and BPL deployment

Attend Broadband Over Powerline (BPL) 2006 and learn how you can:

  • Utilize BPL for core utility applications
  • Harness BPL to add value to your commercial business processes
  • Tackle the logistics of starting a large-scale deployment first-hand
  • Get to grips with the latest in regulation and global standards

Who will you meet and who is speaking?

Key speakers include:

  • John Hewa, Utilities Director, City of Manassas Utilities
  • Don Von Dollen, Program Manager, “Intelligrid”, EPRI
  • Ed Hare, Technical Laboratory Manager, ARRL
  • Brett Kilbourne, Director of Regulatory Affairs & Associate Counsel, United Telecom Council/United Power Line Council
  • John Newbury, Head Power Communications Systems Research Group, Open University (UK)
  • Greg McKelfresh, Director of Information Services, South Central Indiana REMC

Don't miss the exclusive interactive site tours to Current's BPL demo house in Dallas on 24th July and CenterPoint Energy's BPL demonstration center in Houston on 27th July

If you're not there, your competitors will notice! Register now to receive an early-bird discount! or call + (1) 800-882-8684 or + (1) 973-256-0211 to book.

Guarantee your place today: Book before 2nd June and save up to $600!

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