As HomePlug booms, devolo cut prices on their dLAN Highspeed

4 Apr 2006

Aachen, 4th April, 2006—As of 1st April, devolo AG based in Aachen, Germany has reduced the prices of their two dLAN Highspeed products. The dLAN Highspeed is renowned as the first HomePlug adapter with transfer rates of 85 Mbps to be marketed in Europe.

Available now, individual adapters each cost EUR 79.90 (formerly EUR 99.90) and the Starter Kit (2 products in one package) now costs EUR 149.90, down from EUR 189.90. This price reduction is made possible by the unabated boom in HomePlug technology and the associated turnover of larger volumes.

“HomePlug is becoming increasingly established as a technology for home networks”, says Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG in Aachen, Germany. “This has been demonstrated again by the enormous amount of interest in our dLAN products at CeBIT this year”, adds Harbers. “The latest market research figures from GfK also confirm this.” The high-speed standard ensures that even video in DVD quality can be sent through the household electricity circuit. In combination with IP-TV, video on demand is an impressive experience anywhere in the home, wherever there's a power socket.

As a consequence, an ever increasing number of experts acknowledge that HomePlug technology has the brightest future in home networking. As opposed to conventional Ethernet cables, HomePlug has the advantage of being available everywhere and, in comparison to wireless LAN, it offers far better ranges through ceilings and walls. The simplest possible solution for networking PCs and other entertainment electronic appliances such as set-top boxes is to use the building's existing electricity circuit.

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