Come meet SPiDCOM Technologies at CeBIT 2006

9 Mar 2006

Visit SPiDCOM's booth at CeBIT 2006 to meet senior business and technical staff, see a live demonstration of high-speed communications over electrical powerlines/coaxial cables, and a prototype of SPiDCOM's upcoming HomePlug AV compatible chip.

CeBIT 2006, Hanover, Germany, 9th - 15th of March - SPiDCOM Technologies, Hall 15, booth D13F

SPiDCOM's PLC solution

SPiDCOM Technologies has developed solutions for high-speed communications over electrical power lines and over coaxial cables (CATV).

In addition to audio/video (AV) applications, the solutions support Internet, VoIP, video on demand, digital audio and HDTV streaming, basic LAN connections, online games…

It does it:

  • With 224 Mbps raw bandwidth available,
  • With QoS,
  • On any type of wire (electrical powerlines, coaxial cables),
  • Everywhere – low and medium voltage electrical powerlines, homes, cars, trains…,
  • Without any new wires.

What you will see at SPiDCOM's booth at CeBIT

Visiting SPiDCOM Technologies' booth, you will be able to see a live Home AV demonstration based on SPiDCOM's SPR200-ETH (PLC/Ethernet bridge) and SCR200-ETH (Coaxial Cable/Ethernet bridge) reference designs.

Using both the PLC/Ethernet and Coaxial Cable/Ethernet bridges, several multicast video streams will be sent from a server to TVs and laptops using electrical power lines as well as coaxial cables.

VoIP communications will also be shown using the power lines with a demonstration of the SPK200-VoIP, SPiDCOM's PLC/Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) development kit.

SPiDCOM Technologies will also present a prototype of its upcoming chip compatible with the HomePlug AV standard.

Best Regards,
SPiDCOM Technologies


Event: CeBIT 2006, Hanover
Time: 9th – 15th of March
Place: Hall 15, Booth D13F, French Pavillon
Demo: Home AV networking , including VoIP

Products presented:

  • SPC200-e powerline physical layer processor
  • SPR200-ETH, Indoor Ethernet/PLC bridge reference design
  • SCR200-ETH, Ethernet/Cable bridge reference design
  • SPK200-VoIP, PLC / Analog Telephone Adapter development kit
  • SPK200-e development board
  • SPiDMonitor management software
  • Prototype of our upcoming HomePlug AV standard compatible chip

About SPiDCOM Technologies

SPiDCOM Technologies is a fabless semi-conductor company. It specialises in the design and marketing of integrated circuits and modules for very high-speed powerline communication and digital data over coaxial cable solutions.

We target OEM/ODM manufacturers who want to integrate into their products a high-speed, flexible and configurable solution supporting any broadband service such as Internet, VoIP, video-on-demand, digital audio and HDTV video streaming, basic LAN connections and online games.

SPiDCOM Technologies is deeply involved in the working groups of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance focusing on HomePlug AV and HomePlug BPL.


SPiDCOM Technologies
137, avenue du Général Leclerc
92340 Bourg la Reine - France
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