SPiDCOM Technologies announces its HomePlug AV chip

5 Jan 2006

Las Vegas, USA, January 5th 2006 - SPiDCOM Technologies, the 224 Mbps powerline communication chip designer, announces the coming availability of its new HomePlug AV chip.

SPiDCOM Technologies, which is extensively contributing to the working groups of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance, will become its first European silicon supplier.

During CES 2006, at booth no26 911, SPiDCOM demonstrates a Home AV demo, with multiple video streams goinf from a server to TVs and PCs using the power lines. This demo is base on its high-speed SPC200-e chip, available in mass-production.

SPiDCOM Technologies already has a high-speed powerline communication chip available in mass-production

In 2005, SPiDCOM released the SPC200-e chip. Patented on a worldwide basis, this solution is:

  • High-Speed, with a raw data rate of 224 Mbps
  • Flexible, the same technology:
    • Supports any broadband service such as Internet, VoIP, Video on Demand, digital audio and HDTV streaming, basic LAN connections, online games…
    • Works on any cable - powerline, coax, twisted pair…
    • Can be used everywhere - low and medium voltage electrical powerlines, cars, trains…
  • Configurable - because SPiDCOM offers its partners an “open system” so that they can personalize the PLC solution according to their particular needs.

Building upon its unique experience of high-speed powerline communication solutions, SPiDCOM is now designing its HomePlug AV chip with a great knowledge of the home networking ecosystem and of the manufacturers needs.

The availability of the new chip is forecast for Q2 2006.

CES 2006, Las Vegas:

Booth no26 911m Connected Home Entertainment TechZone, LVCC South Hall 2.

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