WiLife Launches the LukWerks Digital Video Surveillance System for Homes and Small Businesses

LukWerks™ first to offer affordable surveillance system that combines high-quality digital video with a system that's easy to set up and use - and can be accessed anytime, anywhere

15 Dec 2005

Draper, Utah - December 15, 2005 - WiLife today announced that LukWerks, a new digital video security system that delivers high-quality digital video surveillance at an affordable price, will ship this week to customers. LukWerks is the only system that provides professional-grade digital video surveillance that is easy to install and use - and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

“LukWerks combines numerous innovative and patent-pending technologies to build the most complete surveillance system for the consumer,” said Andrew Hartsfield, chief executive officer of WiLife. “We've developed the most advanced hardware, software and services to make a surveillance system that is easy to set up and use, while providing the same features of a system that costs 10 times more. Millions of homeowners and businesses will now be able to afford high-quality, digital video surveillance.”

Starting at only $299.99 for a starter kit and $229.99 for each additional camera, users can have a complete surveillance system running in less than 15 minutes.

LukWerks is specifically suited for the needs of homes and small businesses. Applications of LukWerks include surveillance of a small business, securing a first or second home or properties, checking in on loved ones or pets and monitoring children.

Smart Luk Cameras

LukWerks unique technology starts with its smart cameras, which provide a high-quality digital video image. The cameras have an onboard processor that powers digital motion detection, real-time Windows Media Video (WMV) encoding, and Intelligent Image Management™.

With motion detection, the system records video only when activity occurs, enabling users to find recorded events quickly. And, by encoding the video in the camera, the system significantly reduces bandwidth usage and memory consumption, allowing users to view up to six live video feeds simultaneously on a computer.

WiLife's Intelligent Image Management automatically adjusts the frame rate, brightness and contrast of the video images according to light conditions. This feature allows LukWerks to continue to capture high-quality video even when there is very little light.

Each slim-line camera includes window, wall, and desktop mounting options. With the unique window suction-cup mount, users may place the camera on any window facing outside the window or inside the room.

Powerful PC-Based Werks Software

At the center of the LukWerks system is the Werks PC Software, which turns the PC into a user-friendly, yet powerful command center. Werks manages full-motion video from up to six concurrent cameras, providing users with stunning live views from every camera while simultaneously recording any motion or scheduled events. Additionally, Werks provides user definable e-mail and cell phone alerts, disk management and security.

Surveillance Can Be Accessed Anywhere Anytime

Users of LukWerks can access live, digital video from their surveillance cameras at any time or from anywhere, using the Internet or a Windows Mobile cell phone or wireless handheld device. All customers receive standard remote viewing as part of the starter kit, and WiLife offers enhanced remote viewing as an additional service. WiLife offers new customers a free 30 day trial of enhanced remote viewing.

Powerline Network Connects Cameras to Computer

To connect cameras into the LukWerks system, users simply plug the Luk cameras into any standard electrical outlet. The cameras then pass the video data over existing power lines to an adapter, which passes the video to the computer. With LukWerks, users do not have to run wires to a central system or purchase and configure wireless networks. Furthermore, sending video over the power line is more reliable, stable and secure than traditional wireless networks provide. Finally, since power outlets are readily available in homes and businesses, video surveillance coverage is much greater than wireless alternatives, providing the easiest and most reliable way to set up a surveillance system.

With the LukWerks Digital Video Surveillance System, video security is available to everyone.

LukWerks can be purchased today at www.lukwerks.com and will be available nationwide at 2,500 convenient neighborhood RadioShack stores in February 2006.

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