LukWerks lets you put kids, pets on candid camera

13 Jul 2006

I peeked in on my napping daughter the other day though I was miles away in a mall parking lot. I was testing the remote capabilities of the LukWerks Digital Video Surveillance System, using Palm Treo 700w and Motorola Q smartphones to access a video camera pointed at her crib.

By Edward C. Baig, USA Today, 7/13/2006

Pronounced “look works,” the easy-to-set-up, if occasionally buggy, surveillance system from Utah-based WiLife targets anyone concerned with security: small-business owners, folks with vacation homes, and parents. LukWerks is sold at RadioShack, Fry's Electronics and through WiLife's website. It's the company's first product.

Best of all, unlike rival Wi-Fi-based security systems, LukWerks uses HomePlug powerline networking, meaning it uses existing electrical wires in your home or office. (HomePlug is an industry alliance made up of several high-tech companies.)

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Filed: Jul 2006, Powerline Networking, Co: WiLife, Tech: HomePlug 1.0

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