Phonex Surpasses 12 Million Powerline Units Sold

Dramatic success of design wins paves the way for new ReadyWire applications

9 May 2006

May 9, 2006 - Salt Lake City,UT - Phonex™, a leading volume provider of voice and data communications over powerline, announced they have shipped over 12 million powerline devices. Phonex is currently shipping fourth-generation Phone Jack designs using established powerline technology. This volume and experience paves the way for market acceptance of ReadyWire, the advanced digital voice and data communications ASIC using OFDM Lite powerline communications.

“Passing the 12 million mark is a great achievement and demonstrates our momentum in voice and data applications” said John Knab, CEO of Phonex. “Our experience in commercializing technologies will serve us well as we launch ReadyWire, an advanced powerline technology for use in consumer and commercial markets.”

VOIP customers use Phonex designs to extend phone service from their VOIP service adapter to other locations in a building using a standard electrical outlet. In addition, satellite service installers are employing Phonex products to install a necessary phone connection near set-top boxes. These market trends are very positive for Phonex technologies and licensed product designs.

Phonex's ReadyWire Communications Chip offers the latest in powerline technology for voice and data communications. Scheduled for samples in Q1, 2007, ReadyWire will offer advanced forward error correction and mesh technology to ensure reliable communication throughout the home. Covered by multiple patents, Phonex technologies and designs offer a significant advantage over other powerline and wireless technologies for reliable voice and data communications.

More information can be found at or 1-800-437-0101.

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