Phonex May Reach 60M Unit Install Base in 5 Years

Satellite return-path application driving external wireless jack and ReadyWire embedded solutions to record growth

7 Jun 2005

June 7, 2005 - Salt Lake City,UT - Phonex Broadband™ Corporation, a world leader in Power Line Carrier (PLC) voice and data communication devices, unveiled its plans for a 60M unit install base by 2009. Phonex has capitalized on the satellite set top box return path application by using its wireless modem jack to create a phone outlet at any AC electrical outlet. ReadyWire, an embeddable powerline IC solution, is gaining attention because of three unique features: a cost saving integrated modem, mesh technology to ensure greater coverage in more applications, and an external bridge gateway designed to connect phone, Ethernet, wireless or cellular networks to a ReadyWire set top box network.

“We have more powerline designs in the satellite market than any other player,” said John Knab, CEO of Phonex. “With our history of 11M powerline devices shipped worldwide, we have an extended knowledgebase of applications and design elements. These advantages will be leveraged by the ReadyWire chip to enable low-cost, efficient designs for the satellite return path application. With our patented implementation of OFDM and low memory requirements, we plan to drive the cost of the complete add-in bill of materials to under $7 in volume, including an integrated low speed modem. In addition, our intellectual property will give defensible protection to several key features, design elements, and applications.”

For immediate market needs, the Phonex Wireless Modem Jack (model PX-441) allows a satellite set top box to connect to a phone line using an innovative base and extension design. The base is placed near an existing phone jack and connected to the phone line using a standard phone cord. When the extension is plugged into an outlet near the set top box, the base and extension auto-configure and create a powerline connection between them. The set top box is then connected to the extension unit as it would a standard phone jack. Satellite installers have been using the Wireless Modem Jack with great frequency to connect both new installs and in bringing previous installations online. The Wireless Modem Jack (model PX-441) is available today.

For future applications, the ReadyWire Powerline Chip is an embeddable design for set top boxes that includes a cost saving integrated modem, allowing set top box manufacturers to replace their existing internal low speed modem designs and thus reducing the total add-in cost of the system. ReadyWire will allow box to box communication as well as search the ReadyWire network for connections. If one box is plugged into a phone line, that box will allow other nodes on the ReadyWire network to make a connection through it. ReadyWire employs mesh technology that will allow nodes to act as a repeater and improve performance. Another key advantage of the ReadyWire technology is the use of a gateway bridge unit that can be placed conveniently near existing phone, Ethernet, wireless or cellular coverage areas and connect to the ReadyWire powerline network. This enables the set top box network to offer a variety of connection solutions as well as change or upgrade network connections availability.

More information can be found at or 1-800-437-0101.

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