Phonex Set to Capture Explosive New Internet M2M Market

Machine-to-Machine communication will drive growth as devices enabled with sensors and intelligence relay critical information across the Internet

22 Mar 2005

March 22, 2005 - Salt Lake City,UT - Phonex Broadband™, a leading volume provider of voice and data communications over powerline, is poised to leverage the ramping M2M (machine to machine) market. Remote machines will use sensors and intelligence to create and relay critical information across the Internet for use by service organizations and industrial applications. Phonex can connect these devices using ReadyWire, a family of embedded powerline communications chips that boasts reliable data delivery within a building and the ability to bridge to broadband, wireless and phone systems using innovative gateways.

ReadyWire enables applications like set top boxes, appliances, HVAC thermostats, water controllers, utility meters, sensors and alarms to form a reliable network in the home and communicate over the Internet to enable value added services. According to Harbor Research, The M2M market will explode to $700 billion in related revenue by 2010.

“M2M applications represent a substantial shift in the market,” said John Knab, CEO of Phonex. “ReadyWire will lead this new market with outstanding performance and simple, reliable designs. Phonex has designed ReadyWire to offer highly reliable data delivery using a simple mesh packet delivery method. With its ability to interface to a variety of networks, it offers developers the unique ability to launch their M2M applications using ReadyWire, knowing they can use whatever wide area network gateway the market may require. This flexible, reliable solution for M2M communications will enable real growth for connected devices.”

ReadyWire is an advanced powerline communications chip that will be embedded into everyday devices. It enables devices to communicate through their electrical cords to form a powerline data network throughout the home or office. This powerline network can be connected to broadband, wireless and phone service by using innovative gateway devices. For modem use, Phonex has integrated low speed modem software directly into the ReadyWire design for reduced cost. ReadyWire operates at 1.92Mb and employs mesh technology to create multiple paths for data to be delivered to its destination. With its integrated voice CODECs and interfaces, ReadyWire offers unique design savings for phone, modem, and control applications.

In addition to ReadyWire, Phonex offers the Wireless Modem Jack for M2M applications, available under OEM brands from retail stores and equipment installers. With its convenient base and extension design, the Wireless Modem Jack uses the electrical wiring in a home or building to extend existing phone service between electrical outlets. The Wireless Modem Jack is self-configuring, easily moved, and can be key-coded for security. Over 11 million Phonex devices have been sold to connect satellite set top boxes, DVR boxes, personal computers, fax machines, home monitoring devices, personal computers, telephone service and other applications.

Any M2M application that requires a remote connection may be able to use Phonex solutions. ReadyWire offers an embeddable, discrete communications solution for use with a variety of communication gateways. The Wireless Modem Jack offers a simple way to extend phone service for use with remote modem applications.

More information can be found at or 1-800-437-0101.

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