Phonex Announces ReadyWire Powerline Field Test for Satellite Set Top Box Applications

International field test to demonstrate ReadyWire's superior range, reliability, and cost compared to other wireless and powerline technologies

26 Feb 2004

February 26, 2004 - Salt Lake City,UT - Phonex Broadband™ Corporation, a world leader in Power Line Carrier (PLC) voice and data communications, today announced plans for the international field test of the ReadyWire Powerline Home Communications Chip. The ReadyWire chip can be embedded into set top boxes to enable box to box communication as well as a telephone base unit. The field test will measure range, reliability, and performance for set top box and many other applications in the home.

“Satellite providers require a phone connection to each set top box,” said John Knab, CEO of Phonex. “In addition to our current Wireless Phone Jack products, ReadyWire offers an embeddable solution with superior range, reliability and cost compared to other wireless and powerline solutions. With its highly integrated components and low cost, set top box developers can integrate ReadyWire quickly and easily.”

Mr. Knab added, “Phonex owns an extensive patent portfolio to protect and defend powerline and wireless phone applications, including a set top box link. We have sold over 11 million powerline devices by leveraging top OEM brands. Building upon this success, ReadyWire offers an embeddable, cost-effective, reliable method to connect devices throughout the home.”

Planned for early April, the test will be administered by Phonex and performed in coordination with select early developers. Parties interested in the last remaining participation slots may contact Brad Warnock, VP Business Development at 801-984-5107.

The ReadyWire Field test will be automated to minimize the testing time. Several ReadyWire Test Devices will be distributed throughout each test site. A matrix of connections between all of the devices will be tested and the results recorded for analysis. Measurements will include connect success, Forward Error Correction, streaming data, packet data, encryption, latency, range, reliability, and other valuable performance criteria. Locations will be selected to reflect a variety of age, size, layout, powerline characteristics and applications.

About The ReadyWire Home Communications Chip

The Phonex ReadyWire chip provides developers with vastly improved methods for connecting every type of device in the home with voice, streaming audio, Internet video and home automation control. In addition, this new chip uses an ARM 946 processor core with up to 100 MIPS of reserve power. Developers will be able to access this processor to operate other device functions such as device control, modems and MP3 decoders to realize a significant savings in overall system design costs. Its TimeSlot QoS provides a new level of bandwidth management, enabling multiple streams to function without degradation to performance. Co-existent with other powerline technologies, the patented ReadyWire designs also offer a broad range of development interfaces as well as reliability, range and reach that is superior to other technologies. With its available processor power, integrated peripherals and multi-media connectivity, the ReadyWire ASIC chip will enable a new market of inexpensive, connected devices for the home.

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