M2B HomePlug Juices Up Global Broadband TV

Cutting-edge M2B technology converts existing power lines into your very own broadband network for no-hassle installation of PONY

26 Jul 2006

Hollywood, CA - July 26, 2006 - M2B World, Inc. (“M2B World”), U.S. subsidiary of Amaru, Inc (AMRU), rolls out the “M2B Homeplug,” the value-added accessory for hassle-free installation of its newly launched PONY. Combined with the newly launched Global Broadband Television service M2Btv, the M2B Homeplug will easily and instantly convert existing power lines into your very own broadband network.

Thanks to this innovative accessory, M2Btv subscribers need not rewire their homes to link their broadband connection to PONY. A pair of M2B Homeplugs will instantly transform standard power outlets and lines into your personal broadband network. Using Ethernet cables, one can simply connect a M2B Homeplug to the ADSL or cable modem, and another M2B Homeplug to the PONY. Subscribers can then obtain immediate access to a wide variety of streaming content [all at speeds of up to 85 Mbps].

“PONY can easily link to any wired or wireless broadband connection. With the M2B Homeplug, the user-friendly, plug'n'play aspect of M2Btv is definitely kicked up a notch” affirms Rebecca Binny, General Manager of M2B World, Inc. “This is an integral piece of our ‘Go-To’ market strategy, to offer added convenience through a comprehensive suite of accessories which enable our subscribers to fully enjoy our all-inclusive package of features, such as on-demand entertainment, face-to-face video communication, video mail, Internet browsing and much more.”

This Global Broadband TV service is available through M2Btv. M2B Homeplug, a wireless keyboard, a camera, and microphone will all be available for U.S. consumers.

M2Btv and PONY - unveiled June 2006 in an exclusive Beverly Hills preview to the U.S. media - is a next-generation entertainment solution that allows viewers to easily and effectively transform their existing televisions into an Internet portal.

M2Btv and PONY will be available to U.S. subscribers for approximately $25 USD a month. M2Btv subscribers can access over 40 channels of on-demand entertainment, face-to-face video communication, video mail, and Internet browsing, all at no additional costs.

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