Phonex Corporation Changes its Name to Phonex Broadband Corporation

19 Nov 1999

Mivale, UT - 11.19.1999 - Phonex Corporation, the Utah-based world leader in wireless telephone extension systems, announced today that it has changed its company name to “Phonex Broadband Corporation”. The new name, along with a new logo and corporate look, have been adopted in order to reflect the company's recent expansion into the broadband home networking and communications market.

With over a decade of experience in providing innovative power line carrier (PLC) devices for home use, expanding into the broadband market is a natural move for Phonex in the face of the continual convergence of the telecommunications, cable TV, Internet, and PC computer industries where the need for high-speed networking devices for home and SOHO use is becoming more crucial. The name change is intended to communicate the company's recent move into broadband networking without discarding the equity built in the Phonex name over the past 12 years. While the company plans to broaden is product offering by providing high-speed linking devices for the home, it will not abandon its traditional customer base which has come to expect low cost, easy-to-use PLC consumer electronics devices.

“With the addition of a number of new engineering resources, Phonex is able to expand its core competencies and build on its power line technologies that have served millions of customers over the last 12 years,” said John Knab, CEO of Phonex. “Customers who have come to trust the Phonex name, can be assured that the company is committed to improving its existing wireless phone and modem jack product offerings while taking full advantage of new digital technologies. It is Phonex's intent to continue support to its loyal customer base while offering advanced methods for networking cable TV set-top boxes, fax machines, PCs, multiple phone lines, video, digital music, two-way television, Internet telephony, security systems, and a myriad of other technologies which will require broadband connectivity in homes of the future,” concluded Knab.

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