Phonex Announces Revolutionary Technology which Transmits Voice and Data Signals over Power Mains

16 Mar 1999

CeBIT '99/Hanover, Germany - 03.16.1999 - Phonex Corporation, the Utah-based developer of the world's only wireless telephone extension systems, announced today a revolutionary technology which transmits voice and data signals over the power mains. This new technology, called the Wireless Telephone Outlet™, has received CTR 21 approval for broad overall use throughout Europe, and in addition, has obtained a BABT 701 declaration of conformity for the United Kingdom with NTR3 approval. Phonex will be showcasing this new technology at the CEBIT show in Hanover, Germany, March 18-26.

Using patented technology, which enables telephone devices to communicate reliably using standard power mains, the Wireless Telephone Outlet is a wireless carrier current phone extension system which turns any AC socket into a telephone outlet, transmitting voice and data signals on 220v power mains using closed-circuit, FM transmissions. The Wireless Telephone Outlet can be plugged into any AC socket, providing an instant telephone outlet in any location throughout a home or office, and eliminates the costly installation of hardwired telephone outlets in difficult, if not impossible environments. Wireless Telephone Outlet systems are easy to install in less than two minutes.

The Wireless Telephone Outlet has also been designed to support V.34 and V.90 modems, making access to the World Wide Web possible from any AC socket in the home, office, or classroom. The Wireless Telephone Outlet is robust enough to support data access over the Internet and fast enough to support modem speeds required by users on the Web who want to quickly download large quantities of data. It is the obvious solution for PC, laptop, and Internet TV users who want to browse the Web from their TV or computer. In addition to its Internet applications the Wireless Telephone Outlet has obvious application for use with TV set-top boxes providing an instant connection to impulse PPV cable TV channels.

“The Internet and improved computer and telecommunications technology in the last few years have greatly affected the need for smart, easy-to-use solutions like the Wireless Telephone Outlet,” said John Knab, president of Phonex. “Receiving CTR 21 approval is significant in making this revolutionary wireless telephone technology available to a broad base of Europeans. However, Phonex also plans to work specifically with every country in Europe to comply with each country's unique requirements, much the way Phonex has worked to comply with the UK in order to obtain a BABT 701 declaration of conformity,” said Knab.

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