Phonex Broadband to be First to Market with 10 Mbit Networking over Home Power Lines

7 Feb 2000

Mivale, UT - 02.07.2000 - Phonex Broadband Corporation, the Utah-based world leader of voice and data communication devices over power lines, recently announced at the CES 2000 show in January that it will be the first to market this year with 10 Mbit networking over home power lines.

Phonex announced its intent to develop, manufacture, and market a high-speed home networking device in mid 1999, and although product specifications about the device have not yet been released, the product is being developed using integrated circuits which will provide voice, data, and VoIP over existing home electrical wiring at data rates equal to 10 Mbit Ethernet. Phonex made contact with thousands of CES attendees at the show, the majority of whom expressed keen interest in the company's future high-speed power line networking technology. Phonex Broadband plans to begin shipping the home networking product in the third or fourth quarter of 2000.

In addition to the strong exposure of the home networking technology at CES, Phonex Broadband also generated over 700 hundred valuable leads at the show. Commenting on the success of CES, Guy L. Standing, vice president of sales and marketing at Phonex Broadband said, “we were highly impressed by the quality of leads which came out of CES. This show was a success for Phonex because it put us in touch with the contacts we need to make, and allowed us to talk to important decision-makers about our company's recent change in direction to the broadband IT market place. Though the high-speed home networking product is not ready for public introduction just yet,” Standing continued, “CES attendees seemed content in knowing a solution of this kind will be available this year and are lining up to take advantage of a power line device which will finally bring high-speed networking to the home at a price the average consumer can afford.”

The intent to enter the high-speed networking market was also recently marked by a change to the company name, when Phonex added “broadband” to become “Phonex Broadband Corporation”. With over a decade of experience in providing innovative power line carrier (PLC) devices for home use, expanding into the broadband market is a natural move for Phonex in the face of continual convergence of the telecommunications, satellite and cable TV, Internet, and PC computer industries. The name change is intended to communicate the company's recent move into broadband networking without discarding the equity built in the Phonex name over the last 12 years.

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