Phonex Broadband Opens New European Office as part of its Worldwide Expansion Efforts, Appoints New Managing Director

24 Feb 2000

CeBIT 2000 - 02.24.2000 - Phonex Broadband Corporation, the Utah-based world leader of Power Line Carrier (PLC) voice and data communication devices, announced today that it has opened a new European office in London as part of its expansion efforts into more worldwide markets.

In addition, Phonex Broadband has appointed David Willis as the new managing director of the European division of Phonex. Willis will head up the company's efforts to market and sell PLC voice and data communication devices throughout all parts of Europe, beginning with the newly introduced PhoneXtender™ product which is now shipping in all major retail outlets throughout the United Kingdom.

Willis, who has been consulting for Phonex Broadband for the past seven years, brings over 20 years of telecommunications experience to his new position as managing director. He has been successful in setting a new regulatory communication standard for Europe that deals with Phonex Broadband technologies. Phonex has received CTR 21 approval to market and sell throughout Europe, its patented PLC technology which enables telephone devices to communicate reliably using standard home power mains. Willis has previously held managerial positions with Racal, Northern Telecom, Philips, Ericsson, Motorola, and STC. He has provided consulting services to such companies as AT&T, British Telecom, Nokia, Siemens, and Toshiba. Willis received a bachelor degree in physics with electronics from the University of Liverpool.

“Expansion into Europe is very important for Phonex Broadband because of our keen interest in providing power line carrier communications products for major retail stores throughout Europe, and in selling the Phonex wireless voice and data extension technology to satellite and cable set top box manufacturers and PTT telephone companies,” said John Knab, president and CEO of Phonex Broadband. “Mr. Willis will be instrumental in making sure Phonex connects with these various retail sites and manufacturers due to his strong technical background and broad marketing experience in several European countries. Phonex is pleased to welcome him aboard.”

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