High-Speed Powerline Communications for Home Networking Demonstrated at Cablenet Exhibit at the Western Cable Show

29 Nov 2000

Los Angeles, CA - November 29, 2000 - Adaptive Networks today demonstrated its Ethernet-class powerline communications technology for home networking applications. It is the first public demonstration of a powerline communications technology that offers the promise of multi-megabit, homewide connectivity with integral support for QoS (Quality-of-Service) and FCC compliance.

As part of the demonstration at the Western Cable Show, Adaptive supported streaming audio & video, video conferencing, and Internet connectivity, all over standard electric powerlines. Adaptive went on to illustrate how its powerline communications technology as a high-speed in-home network solution can be transparently integrated into a cable modem network. Michael Propp, President of Adaptive Networks, confirmed what observers witnessed for themselves when he stated, “What we are offering is Ethernet class networking without the wires and with QoS support for multimedia applications.” He went on to explain that “for home networking to be successful, this high level of performance will be demanded by the marketplace and nothing less will be tolerated.”

Using innovative adaptive wideband signal processing technology and networking protocols, Adaptive's PowerStream™ high-speed powerline networking chip set can reliably transform any electrical outlet in the home into a network interface for consumer electronics, multimedia appliances, and PCs.

Adaptive's lower-speed commercial/industrial powerline communications technology, on which the high speed version is based, was selected by the International Standards Organization as the standard for powerline communications aboard refrigerated container ships for the monitoring of perishable cargo. It has also been selected by the IEC for its standards for automated meter reading. Adaptive's technology is recognized for meeting the strict criteria for reliability and speed of response required by such applications as factory automation and credit card transactions.

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