Adaptive Networks Pro-Line™ Powerline Communications Technology Picked by ABB for use in Large-Scale Subsea Gas Production System

14 Nov 2002

Newton, Massachusetts - November 14, 2002 - Adaptive Networks announced today that its AN1000 Pro-Line™ powerline communications technology has been chosen by ABB Offshore Systems Group for inclusion in their $30 Million subsea control system. This control system is part of a $180 Million subsea gas production system being developed for the Norwegian oil company Statoil.

Adaptive's powerline communications technology will be integrated into ABB's system in 2003 to establish communications on the ocean floor to various critical data acquisition and control units.

ABB selected Adaptive's technology after conducting an extensive survey of available powerline communications technologies and subjecting their system to a stringent evaluation process. Adaptive worked closely with ABB engineers to ensure that the technology would fulfill the demanding requirements of this challenging application. ABB Subsea Systems Manager, Neil Douglas said, “Adaptive's product was the only one that was able to meet our requirements for distance and throughput. By deploying powerline communications technology on the seabed, we are able to significantly simplify and cost reduce the communications component of the system by using the required power cables that power our Subsea Control Modules, to establish our communications link.”

The subsea system will be controlled remotely by operators at Statoil's liquefied natural gas plant near Hammerfest on Norway's northern coast. This is done via a 161-kilometer fiber optic cable - the longest ever used in such a subsea operation. The fiber optic cable will act as the backbone of the underwater system with Adaptive's AN1000 powerline communications chipset used to distribute the control and monitoring functions of the system over the seabed. ABB's successful evaluation and decision to deploy this technology is continued proof of the unrivaled reliability and robustness of Adaptive's powerline technology to serve large-scale, mission-critical applications in heavy industrial environments. Customers with wiring obstacles have a deployable communications connectivity solution that is field-proven, cost-effective and available for use today.

Filed: Nov 2002, Press, Co: Adaptive, Tech: None

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