devolo AG: New mainstay in “Business Solutions”

The networking specialist from Aachen, Germany enters the B2B sector

1 Aug 2006

Off to new pastures! The booming and fast growing market for home networking via electrical wiring is making an impact in the business sector as well. This is why the European market leader in this technology - Aachen's devolo AG - is now addressing the lucrative B2B sector. Large-scale customers such as hotels, cable network providers and housing associations in particular have recently been increasingly enquiring after business solutions from devolo.

“We want to take advantage of this potential and will address this target group appropriately”, states devolo CEO Heiko Harbers, showing the way for the future. To implement this, the product lines will be divided into “Consumer Solutions” and “Business Solutions” from now on. From the outset, business customers' own specialised requirements are to be catered for. “Traditionally, this target group demands specialised product adaptations to meet their particular requirements. The Business Solutions unit intends to provide our customers with these specialised solutions”, explains Harbers.

This new market segment will give rise to internal changes as well: In the first stage, a dedicated sales team will be built up especially for this project business, a separate product management will be introduced and the web site will be extended with a “Business Solutions” area.

The following product lines are foreseen as the initial Business Solutions:

  • Coax- and powerline technology (hybrid) products
  • Powerline technology products
  • Integration modules with powerline technology (14, 85 and 200 Mbps data throughput)

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