Telephone call from the power point: devolo enables IP telephony over the household power circuit.

New firmware for the MicroLink dLAN ADSL Modem Router makes a reality of IP telephony and PC networking over the 230-V household power circuit.

8 Sep 2005

Aachen, September 8, 2005 - The specialists in communications solutions devolo AG based in Aachen, Germany, now helps their customers to use their home's power circuit for low-cost IP telephony. The latest recently approved firmware release supports IP voice-packet routing by the MicroLink dLAN ADSL Modem Router and the MicroLink ADSL Modem Router.

An elegant VoIP solution is now feasible, such as IP telephony directly over existing household electrical wires. The firmware update for both modem routers is available for download from devolo's web site. The MicroLink dLAN ADSL Modem Router also enables the household power circuit to be used to provide Internet services to all rooms in the home.

New IP telephones can be directly connected to devolo's modem router. To connect a conventional landline telephone, an appropriate VoIP analogue terminal adapter (VoIP-ATA) has to be connected between the telephone and the MicroLink ADSL Modem Router. The MicroLink dLAN ADSL Modem Router also allows IP telephones or VoIP-ATAs with conventional phones to be connected over the household power circuit. IP telephone calls can even be directed to conventional telephone numbers via gateways from VoIP service providers. Several VoIP service providers also offer free IP telephony software solutions as a PC application. This is a low-cost entry-level alternative, although the PC does have to be switched on. The voice packets produced by these solutions can also be transferred to the Internet by devolo modem routers with updated firmware.

MicroLink ADSL Modem Router—conventional solution for IP-capable networking

The MicroLink ADSL Modem Router from devolo is the optimal solution for ADSL Internet access for multiple PCs. The integrated ADSL modem connects up to 4 PCs directly to the Internet and offers download rates of up to 8 Mbps. By connecting a MicroLink LAN Switch, the ADSL high-speed Internet access can be made available to even more PCs. And what's more: PCs connected via the MicroLink ADSL Modem Router form a network and can communicate with one another.

MicroLink dLAN ADSL Modem Router—VoIP services in every room over the power circuit

For the first time, the MicroLink dLAN ADSL Modem Router combines ADSL modem, router, 4-port switch and HomePlug adapter in a single unit. The integrated HomePlug technology transforms the household electrical wires into a network - now for Voice over IP, too. PCs, IP telephones or VoIP-ATAs with landline telephones in various rooms or on different floors in a house can be easily connected to a DSL line and upgraded to an IP-based home telephone exchange. Just plug the MicroLink dLAN ADSL Modem Router's power plug into the nearest wall socket - that's all you have to do. Laying network cables is simply not necessary.

Prices, availability and warranty

The MicroLink dLAN ADSL Modem Router is available now at a recommended retail price of Euro 129.90 (incl. VAT) and its lesser cousin the MicroLink ADSL Modem Router for Euro 79.90 (incl. VAT). devolo offers a 3-year warranty on all products and its usual comprehensive support including their on-site service.

Network planning made easy

Under devolo is offering a manual about the theme of “networking” (German only) that can either be downloaded as a PDF file or ordered as a bound book.

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