Cameo partners with DS2 to deliver HD quality powerline communications products

6 Jun 2006

Taipei, Taiwan, 6 June, 2006 - Cameo Communications Inc, a leading international networking products manufacturer with offices in Taiwan and China, and DS2, supplier of the world's most mature, highest speed powerline networking (PLC) chipsets for in-home, high-definition quality networking, have announced a partnership to develop products based on DS2's 200 Mbps PLC technology.

Cameo will work with DS2 to develop low cost, high performance PLC networking products driven by DS2's current and next generation of chipsets. The DS2-based product lineup includes wall-plug format adapters in addition to a variety of different consumer networking device applications to deliver high speed broadband access in every room without the need to run new cables.

“Cameo firmly believes in the principle of providing both top quality and the best possible price/performance ratio. Our driving force is commitment to value, quality and reliability and DS2's high performance, mature chips provide the best price/performance ratio on the market as well as being the only mature standards based HD quality chips available for product development today”, said Frank Kuo, Director of Cameo's Technology Research and Development Center.

Ramón Garcia, Director of DS2's Asian office who will be demonstrating applications supported by DS2's 200 Mbps chipsets during Computex (Grand Hotel Hyatt, Rooms 1130 & 1131) said, “DS2 is excited to work with Cameo to develop the latest generation, low cost PLC networking products. DS2's chipsets provide simple, reliable broadband connectivity that offer the necessary bandwidth to support applications like online gaming, whole-house audio distribution and high-definition video streaming. All these applications are now mainstream, and not supported by legacy PLC products.”

Cameo will be showing products including the SOHO-HPE2001 wall-plug adapter based on DS2 200 Mbps technology during Computex Taipei 2006, from 6 to 10 June, in the Grand Hyatt Hotel, VIP Room No 1034. The first DS2-based Cameo products will begin shipping at the beginning of June 2006.

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