DS2 @ CeBIT 2006 Unchaining the Digital World

Home Networking breaks out of the Living Room. Leading powerline communication chipmaker offers universal wire-line connectivity today.

9 Feb 2006

Valencia, SPAIN, 9 February, 2006 - Design of Systems on Silicon (DS2) the only provider of mature HDTV quality powerline chips that are embedded in products available today will offer a hands-on, touch it, feel it, experience it, showcase of powerline enabled products at CeBIT 2006.

Visitors to the DS2 display at Hall 14, Stand F34, will step into a networked digital world no longer confined to the living room or home office. Visitors can view and experience the features, applications, business opportunities and home entertainment opportunities offered by DS2 powered networking products. Applications include:

  • TV and Communications

    DS2 driven powerline-to-Ethernet adapters are already on the market and support the commercial rollout of IPTV and shared broadband Internet access services by network operators. Telefonica, the world's third largest telecom is the first to commercially use powerline in the rollout of its IPTV service in Spain. Choosing DS2 driven products allows network operators the flexibility to scale-up their service to meet future customer demand whether that be to meet the extreme latency requirements of home gaming or the enormous bandwidth requirements of HDTV. Since DS2 chips have been designed with multi-media in mind the end user experience is the best possible. DS2 technology is the first and only technology with proven success in delivering high-quality, high-bandwidth video content over powerlines, coaxial and twisted pair telephone lines.

  • PCs & Consumer Electronics Appliances

    DS2 technology has been embedded in PCs, large displays, STBs, cameras, and is making its way to the Consumer Electronics world.

  • Broadband Access Terminals

    Customers from China to Madrid to New York already receive their broadband connection by DS2 driven powerline communications modems. Service providers around the world, including leading telecom, electricity utilities and network operators, are using DS2 technology to bring the Internet into and within their customers' homes.

  • Home Networking

    DS2 enabled products use the existing electric wiring infrastructure in any building to pipe bandwidth-intensive applications, including IPTV, video on demand (VOD), HDTV and VoIP to everyday consumer appliances such as TV's or PC's. With DS2 technology, a person can stream HDTV content over the Internet to a TV, watch content stored on his DVR on any TV in the house, and play MP3s from the home office computer on speakers anywhere in the house. Retail customers can extend the reach of their existing broadband Internet networks (ADSL-modem, coaxial cable modem, or WiMAX connections) to any outlet in the home by purchasing affordable DS2 driven powerline to Ethernet Adaptors available from pioneering manufacturers.

DS2 driven products are now hitting the shelves to solve these important broadband access or BPL and in-building connectivity issues today. Various vendors with interoperable products from powerline to Ethernet and coax modems, set-top-boxes with embedded PLC and access infrastructure equipment (for both low and medium voltage applications). These products, already in production and powered by the DS2 family of DSS90XX powerline chips will display at CeBIT confirming the maturity, stability, competitivity and affordability of the DS2's chip family.

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