DS2 showcase instant home networking with Samsung using HDTV-quality Powerline chips at IFA 2006

31 Aug 2006

IFA, Berlin, August 31, 2006 - Design of Systems on Silicon (DS2) and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. demonstrated today the maturity and robustness of PLC networking at the IFA Consumer Electronics Show.

The demonstration shows that PLC Networking using DS2 powerline technology is a user-friendly, reliable solution to enable digital home networking. Samsung will be providing the demonstration at IFA Exhibition Hall 20, booth 101.

The showcase illustrates for consumers how DS2's 200 Mbps Powerline communications (PLC) technology simply and instantly creates a whole home network without the need to run any cabling, and without the need for complex configuration.

Visitors to the showcase will have the chance to experience enhanced digital networking and entertainment applications, supported by DS2's high throughput and guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS), to satisfy the need for plug-and-play, uninterrupted audio/video home networking. The Digital Home Network demonstration shows multiple videos being streamed to a high definition television from a DVD player/recorder with hard disk drive storage, a home media server, and a home security system camera capturing live images. All these devices are embedded with DS2's HDTV quality powerline communication chipsets, the only such chips available on the market today. The devices are connected to a WiFi network via existing household wiring, providing a connection to a wireless notebook and printer. This shows the interoperability and the ability of PLC to compliment other networking platforms.

Samsung's Home Network digital media devices, with high throughput and QoS guaranteed, together with DS2's chipset, satisfy consumer demand for faster, reliable whole home broadband to support high bandwidth applications including HDTV quality video and whole home audio.

Michael Philpott, an analyst with Ovum added, “A robust and mature HDTV quality powerline communications technology provides a credible home networking solution in situations where installing a dedicated Ethernet LAN is just not economically feasible. Embedding such technology in CE devices is the next logical step to enhancing the consumer's digital entertainment and networking experience.”

Jorge Blasco, President and CEO of DS2 said, “We are excited to be working with Samsung to deliver the first PLC-enabled consumer electronics. The high speed of DS2's PLC technology, its maturity and availability meet the stringent demands of consumer electronics manufacturers and service providers for simple, reliable whole home instant networking.”

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